R Kelly’s ex-wife, Drea Kelly, says the heart is ‘breaking’ for their children

Kelly appeared on ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ and spoke of the courage and bravery of the many victims who tell their stories.

In a recent interview, R Kellythe ex wife Derya Kelly She revealed that her heart was “broken” for their children after Kelly was found guilty of multiple sex trafficking charges earlier this week.

R. Kelly was found guilty on all nine counts after his extortion and sex trafficking trial concluded in New York City on Monday, TheGrio Previously mentioned. Kelly “has been charged with eight counts of violating the Mann Act and the Anti-Sex Trafficking Act and one count of extortion” TheGrio Stephanie Gerellos mentioned.

After this news, Kelly’s ex-wife, with whom he shares three children, appeared ITV’s Good morning Britain to respond to the verdict.

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Drea Kelly shared in the interview that it was “sad” that it took so long for this ruling.

She explained, “I’ve always said if any of his victims were blond and blue-eyed, it wouldn’t take long. Women of color tend to be at the bottom when it comes to the topics of domestic violence and sexual assault.”

As Kelly’s ex-wife and mother to his three children, she revealed, “I sit in a very difficult place because unlike the rest of his victims, I share children with him as well, I was married to him, so I wear two hats. I wear a survivor and defender’s hat, but I also wear a mother’s hat and an ex-wife. So. It’s very difficult for me.”

“I feel like my heart is in two places,” she added. “My heart definitely goes to the survivors and the courage it takes to come forward and tell the story, but my heart breaks as a mother because this is a legacy that my children and theirs will have to deal with.”

NS.  Kelly returns to court to hear sexual assault allegations

R. Kelly appears at a hearing before Judge Lawrence Flood at the Leighton Criminal Court Building, May 7, 2019, in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by E. Jason Wambsghans Paul/Getty Images)

She continued, “At the end of the day, you can’t walk away from your bloodline. I have the power to break away and walk away from him, but his blood runs in my children’s veins and is part of their DNA and they can’t escape from it even if they wanted to. So it’s very difficult for me to sit in this position.” .

Derya, from Kelly divorced in 2009She also opened up about the cycle of abuse she lived through when she married Kelly during their 13-year marriage.

“It’s a life of constant fear and if anyone does their research – and I hope more journalists will if you decide to interview more victims and survivors. Knowing the cycles of abuse – it’s called walking on eggshells, that’s what it means. That’s the term used when you don’t know Never what are you going to get. Like I said in the interview before, the milk drank too cold and at one time it wasn’t cold enough.”

She referred to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, citing the “persistent fear” and “intimidation” that survivors of abuse face from abusers who can go from attractiveness to violence, sometimes within seconds.

Kelly, who was bullied online for talking about and experiencing her ex-husband, said she agreed to the interview to acknowledge the strength and courage of the survivors who shared their stories.

Watch the emotional clip below:

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