Queen may skip Sandringham birthday as doctors weigh ‘day by day’ | Royal | News

The Queen Virtual crowds were running at Windsor Castle on a return to royal duties after spending a night in hospital and being ordered to rest by the royal doctors. Concerns for the 95-year-old’s health have mounted in recent weeks after she pulled out of a number of major engagements. Royal correspondent Hugh Whitfield claimed that the king’s small number of personal posts would remain the same.

Speaking to Australia’s Sunrise morning programme, Mr Whitfield said: “We know the Queen has not ventured far from Windsor Castle recently.

“There are definitely no public posts and it looks like it will stay that way.”

ITV royal correspondent Krist Ship added: “This is exactly the kind of thing we’ll be seeing from the Queen over the coming weeks.

“We think she’s going to Sandringham for Christmas like she always does but she and her doctors are taking things day in and day out and won’t confirm anything until the doctors are very happy with her continued progress.”

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Professor Sir Ho, head of the medical family and the Queen’s physician, was likely the one who advised the Queen to smooth things over after she underwent initial tests at King Edward VII Hospital on 20 October.

Since then, the Queen has been on light duty, but she also injured her back, causing her to miss the memorial service.

Professor Sir Howe would also have cared for the late Duke of Edinburgh during his more than 15 years of service with the royal family.

While the Queen separately invested Professor Sir Ho in the Knight Commander’s Badge of the Victorian Monarchy, her daughter, the Princess Royal, conducted a full inauguration ceremony for dozens of recipients on the Queen’s behalf on the same day.

It is possible that the Queen wanted to thank Professor Sir Hu personally for his care of her and the royal family.

He added, “I’ve become very much a part of that organization and become the personal physician to the key people in it, who are just as sick as the other patients.

“With this pandemic, the main priority for the medical family is to try to make sure the people in their care are safe.”

Both the Queen and Philip have received their own Covid vaccinations, and the couple have been cared for in Windsor at HMS Bubble – the pseudonym for their shortened family of loyal staff – during lockdown for their protection.

The Duke died at the age of 99 a few weeks after being hospitalized with an infection and undergoing heart surgery for a pre-existing condition.

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