Quake gets Horde Mode in free remastered update after 25 years.

In an earthquake, a ranger fires at an enemy in a dark hallway.

Screenshot: ID / Bethesda

Back in august Bethesda released a remastered Earthquake Basically on every modern gaming platform, including Switch. Now, a few months later, this version of the game has just received its second major update, which includes a new co-op hard mode, additional maps, another campaign, and several bug fixes.

Of course Earthquake He may be 25 years old, but that doesn’t mean he can’t learn new tricks. Yesterday, Bethesda released Update 2. for remastered Earthquake Ports on all platforms The biggest addition to the new update is a new hard mode that has been built. Machine games, Behind the recent devs Wolfenstein Revival Horde can be played alone or with three friends, and uses four new maps created specifically for the new mode.

In it, players gain points because they rack up kills and can earn more by killing many enemies in a very short time. Every third wave has a boss, and after nine waves, a gold key falls to allow players to get off the surface. Of course, you can stay around and keep shaking monsters to get more points, if you depend on it.

This new update also includes another new extension, entitled. Honey. In it the players are looking for a dark and scary underground city full of secrets and enemies, so it basically looks like this. Earthquake. Understandably, this new extension was originally developed years ago by Christian Gravart, now a senior level designer of machine games. In an interview with Bethesda, Grawert explained that he actually created two Honey Maps using some custom tools and World Craft, But for this modern release he went back and updated the levels using modern. Earthquake Level editor Trench broom.

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Along with new content, Update 2 Adds some quality of life features and adapts and changes to improve the overall. Earthquake Experience Some standout items include text chat and push to talk voice chat are being added to pre-game lobbies, add-ons can now be run offline once downloaded, your cross hair can be tweaked Yes, and you can invite PC players on different platforms. Like between Steam and Epic Games Store.

This is not the first time that machine games have collaborated. Earthquake. In 2016, the studio released a new episodeThe dimensions of the past. And when the rebuilt ports were released earlier this year, it included another new expansion for the studio. It looks like a lot of machine games. Earthquake, And Bethesda trusts it with the franchise. It amazes me what machine games are working on as their next big project. On an irrelevant note, there are definitely a lot of rumors about it. Earthquake Restarting


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