Pundit moves alongside Carragher to Kane after Manchester United bench Ronaldo

Jamie O’Hara believes Jamie Carragher made a “good point” during his heated discussion with Roy Keane over Cristiano Ronaldo’s role at Manchester United.

Ronaldo was dropped to the bench by the Red Devils’ caretaker chief Michael Carrick They drew 1-1 with Chelsea on Sunday to move up to eighth place in the Premier League table.

Man United took the lead through Jadon Sancho before Jorginho corrected his mistake in the run-up to the opening goal by converting the equalizer from the penalty spot.

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Ronaldo came off the bench in the last 26 minutes at Stamford Bridge before Carragher and Kane got into an argument Sky Sports On what role he should have at Manchester United.

Ex-Liverpool defender Carragher claimed Manchester United bought Ronaldo to win the Premier League, while Kane insisted on signing him to win the cups.

O’Hara, the former Tottenham midfielder, stood with Carragher in this particular debate. Tell TalkSPORT: “I think Carragher makes a good point. You don’t bring Ronaldo to win cups, you bring Ronaldo to go and win the league.

“They are second, so the next progression is to challenge for the title and win the league.

“I think they brought in these types of players to challenge them for the title, it just turns out that they still don’t even exist with those guys.

“They still have to do more in terms of bringing in the right players and coaches and trying to progress.

“I didn’t agree with them in their saying that Ronaldo should start every game. If you look at the facts of the match, Ronaldo came half an hour before the end and they were winning 1-0.

“Michael Carrick got it right tactically. They won 1-0 and Ronaldo came back for half an hour and tied the game.

“If Ronaldo comes in and they lose 2-1 and he’s desperate to try to get something out of that, I can understand the argument.

“If you look at the facts, Carrick got it right because they were winning.”


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