PSG made a ‘mistake’ by signing for Liverpool – ‘He is tired, the best behind him’

Signing Paris Saint-Germain with Georginio Wijnaldum for three years was a “mistake” because “the best of him is behind him”.

Wijnaldum has struggled to get back in shape since his move to the French giants this summer and has come under fire for his performance in Paris St Germain’s 1-1 draw with Club Brugge in the Champions League this week.

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The Dutchman revealed this week that he had held talks with both Barcelona and Bayern Munich before opting to move to Paris Saint-Germain as a free agent, as well as He has opened up about his frustration over his departure from Anfield With the Reds reluctance to grant him the contract period he wants.

He said, “You follow your feelings.” the team.

“Several months ago, I had expressed my desire to stay at Liverpool, but without going into details, Liverpool did not give me the feeling of wanting to keep me.

“In those cases, we have to move forward.”

Paris Saint-Germain I did He was offered such a deal, but quotes from a “close friend” in the team Suggest Liverpool were right not to improve their presentation, according to watch sports.

Signing him for three years was a mistake. He’s 30 but he started very young (at 16 as a pro) and he’s exhausted, his best is behind him.”

A friend has just arrived there…

In the absence of Wijnaldum, Liverpool are level on points at the top of the Premier League and opened their Champions League campaign with a thrilling 3-2 win over AC Milan – a match in which Jurgen Klopp admits they have ‘walked away’ a bit.

“We started very well, we played a very strong match but football is also good,” he said.

“We didn’t give them anything until we were penalized for the last few minutes before the break. We drifted a bit in our football, didn’t keep it simple in attack and weren’t organized defensively anymore.

“It wasn’t good, but I didn’t feel like we couldn’t come back in the second half,” Klopp added. “We had to change right away to get back to the way we started and then scored great goals. Both were great and won the game and I think it was deserved.”


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