Psaki questioned about Biden’s horrific polls, blaming variable delta and vulnerable Americans

White a house Press Secretary Jen Psaki was questioned on Friday about President Biden Poor polling numbers.

Psaki blamed at least some of the blame on the Americans “who decided not to vaccinate them.”

Biden drops to 38% approval in new national poll

“I would say this is a really difficult time in our country,” Psaki replied. “We’re still fighting COVID, and a lot of people think we’ll get through it, including us.”

“And because of the emergence of the delta variant, due to the fact that, although it was a Republican-approved vaccine, even though we now have full approval from the Food and Drug Administration, and although it is widely available across the country, she added, : “We still have … 20% of the country’s population decided not to vaccinate.”

“There is no doubt that this has an impact,” Psaki said before concluding. “And of course, as the president said, the responsibility rests with him.”

In addition to poor opinion polls, September’s poor jobs report saw only 194,000 jobs added to the economy, sharply at odds with the estimate made by the 500,000 economists.


President Biden addressed the report on Friday and defended his record in the economy as “progress” with his approval rating at 38%.

“Altogether, job creation in the first eight months of my administration is nearly five million,” Biden said. “Jobs are going up, wages are going down, unemployment is going down. That’s progress.”

Fox News’ Jonathan Garber contributed to this report.

Houston Keane is a reporter for Fox News Digital. You can find him on Twitter at @HoustonKeene.

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