Product pricing as a Google ranking factor.

Google’s John Mرller discusses product pricing as a ranking factor and explains whether it can affect the position of e-commerce stores in search results.

This topic came up during the Google Office Over Hangout on October 8.

This is an important issue considering the rising cost of goods these days.

Many companies are in a position to raise prices due to operational costs, lack of spare parts and materials and other reasons that are beyond their control.

We say that two businesses are selling the same product online, but one of them has to increase the price drastically due to increasing conditions.


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Suddenly the product they were selling for 100 100 is selling for 500 500. However, another business is still selling it for ڈالر 100.

Assuming everyone else is equal in terms of SEO, can price differences affect rankings?

It’s easy to think that Google wants to send searchers to a lower price.

According to M مولller, this assumption would be wrong.

Here’s what he said.

Google’s John Mueller on price as a ranking factor.

It’s no secret that Google can recognize product prices on sales pages.

There is data configured for this purpose, and you will often see prices listed directly in search results.


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Although Google can understand how much a product costs, it does not use that information to rank product pages.

M مولller says:

“From a purely web search point of view, no, it’s not like we’re going to try to identify the price on a page and use it as a ranking factor.

So it is not a matter of saying that we will get cheaper and give higher status. I don’t think it really makes sense.

He adds that product pages also appear in shopping results, which rank differently from the regular set of Google search results.

Because it relates to search results, Mرller says he does not know how to place orders.

It is possible that price may be a factor in the search for a purchase, but it is not a guess.

Consumers can certainly sort search results by price. This should always be considered when it comes to the cost of goods.

“However, many of these products also end up in product search results, which may be because you submit feeds, or perhaps because we recognize product information on those pages, and product search. I don’t know how he ordered it.

It could be that they are considering price, or things like availability, all the other factors that come up as attributes in product search.


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Importantly, price is not a factor in web search.

M مولller does not rule out the possibility that this is an element of the purchase search, but he cannot confirm anything.

“Therefore, from a web search point of view, we do not consider price. This is possible from a product search point of view.

The hard part, I think, is that as an SEO, these different aspects of search are often found on the search results page. Where you’ll see general web results, and maybe you’ll see some product review results, or maybe you’ll see some mix.


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Listen to the full answer in the video below:

Featured Image: Screenshot from, October 2021.

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