Principal ordered pizza for 400 primary school students due to lack of food service staff

When all else fails, try the pizza.

An elementary school in Pennsylvania I had to order pizza to her students when staffing problems left catering staff unavailable to distribute meals to students. Unfortunately, not all pizzas arrived in time to guarantee this Every child was fed.

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In a statement to Fox News, officials from Mitchell Elementary School in Philadelphia confirmed that while meals had been delivered to the school the day before, a food service employee assigned to the school was unable to show up for work on September 23.

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According to the statement, “When food service personnel are not available to be on-site at the school, it is district policy for schools to use contingency plans, including notifying the Food Services Field Superintendent to assign a mobile employee to that location for coverage and/or by assigning non-food service personnel to affiliated with the Food Services to intervene and manage meal distribution. Unfortunately, there were not enough staff available for this at Mitchell.”

The school stated that due to staffing issues, the principal decided to deliver “outdoor food” to the school.


The students were sent home with a letter explaining the situation to their parents.

The statement explained, “National supply chain and labor shortages affect all areas of the hospitality industry, including food services. Like many school districts across the country, the Philadelphia School District has been affected by these challenges.”

With schools reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic and Delta’s shifting boom, many are facing a nationwide staff shortage.


School officials confirmed to Fox News that a food service employee was present at the school the next day and meals were distributed to the students.

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