Prince Harry has been criticized for wanting to appear more important than William amid the royal fallout

The Duke of Sussex accused of trying to stay in the spotlight

Prince Harry is in the midst of a storm after making it look like he wants to appear more important than William.

The Duke of Sussex is accused of constantly trying to stay in the spotlight.

Harry biographer Angela Levine said: Radio talk shows“Yeah he’s gone and I thought about it, why do I feel so powerful and one of the reasons for that is that when he was at Eton he hated being there and he decided he’d be with the bad boys and I think Harry has that streak, a lot of us have but we put it to one side of our being Bad and appear.

Levine added: “I think he also looks to be more important than William and so now has the ability to do and say things he probably couldn’t do before and can enjoy being naughty like he’s playing with balls outside (during Meghan’s video).”

Speaking of how Harry got to a polo match on a private jet, the biographer criticized, “It shows that ‘A’ are out of touch and ‘B’ are colossal hypocrites.

“They are telling the whole world what we have to do, and it is very important that we do it, but they don’t think they are involved in it, they have an exception because they are so huge and they are so important. Jet planes cause 10 times more damage to the atmosphere than commercial planes do. And 50 times more than if he traveled by train, but of course none of this applies to him.

“I think it’s outrageous actually, but it’s the same when he says that we should all be merciful when they are not sympathetic to their parents and families, and that we can only have two children when it’s not really his business and the plane sets.”

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