Prince Andrew: Photo of legal papers sent to the Duke released by Virginia Joffrey’s lawyers | UK news

Lawyers have released photos showing papers notifying Prince Andrew of a civil sexual assault case against him in the United States.

Among the photos is one that shows an envelope, with his royal inn, Windsor, address, being placed in a mailbox.

comes after Duke of YorkA judge in America has charged the 61-year-old with “virtually evading” official efforts to file his papers.

It is also a day after the High Court in London announced that it would do so Andrew’s Presentation Arrangement If the parties fail to reach an arrangement of their own.

The Prince suggested that a photograph showing him with Lady Joffrey may have been tampered with. Pic: shutterstock

In the past few hours, that court told the prince’s lawyer that they had seven days to appeal the decision.

multiple sclerosis JoffreyPrince Andrew, 38, was accused of battery and intentionally causing emotional distress over alleged misconduct nearly two decades ago.

She was underage at the time of the alleged assault, which she said occurred around the time financier Jeffrey Epstein was sexually abusing her.

Her legal team sought the intervention of District Judge Lewis Kaplan, with lawyers accusing the duke of evading papers, likening it to a “hide behind palace walls.”

In a setback for the Duke – who denies wrongdoing – Judge Kaplan said the plan to turn the case over to the prince’s Los Angeles-based attorney was “reasonably calculated to bring the defendant’s attention to the papers,” regardless of whether the prince “authorized” the attorney to accept it.

Joffrey’s lawyers argued that they did properly serve Prince Andrew in England, when a copy of the suit was left with a police officer guarding the Duke’s home in Windsor.

Virginia Roberts lawyers release photo of legal papers relating to Prince Andrew's sexual assault

“We are grateful that the court granted alternative service to Prince Andrew. This is moving the case forward,” Sigrid McCauley, Ms. Joffrey’s attorney, said in an emailed statement.

Prince Andrew’s lawyer, Andrew Brettler, had no immediate comment.

Joffrey alleges that she was trafficked for sex by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell when she was 17 and that the Duke had sex with her on three occasions – once at Maxwell’s home in London, at Epstein’s mansion in Manhattan, and on Epstein’s private island in US Virgin Islands.

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Prince Andrew’s lawyers appear in New York court

The civil lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

Prince Andrew has denied all of Ms Joffrey’s accusations, and Breitler told a court hearing on Monday that her case “Unfounded and unenforceable [and] potentially illegal.”.

Separately, another US judge ruled that Prince Andrew could seek to overturn the seal of a 2009 agreement that his legal team claims protected him from a sexual assault lawsuit.

Loretta a Prisca said in a written order that the Duke could seek out the details of the settlement between Geoffrey and Epstein to which Andrew was not a party.

Mr. Breitler said he believed the settlement agreement “releases our client from any and all responsibilities”.

The prince stepped down from his royal duties when details emerged about his relationship with Epstein, 66, a registered sex offender who committed suicide while in prison in New York in August 2019 while awaiting trial for sex trafficking charges.

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