Prince Andrew Lawsuit: Latest Updates

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While the legal teams of Prince Andrew and Virginia Joffrey continue to wrangle over the technical aspects of their civil suit against the disgraced king, a judge has informed Andrew that “sThe service is not meant to be a game of hiding behind palace walls.” Ho Running out of places to hide, Anyway, it is said that the fact of his situation sank in.

Andrew’s lawyers – who have repeatedly denied Joffrey’s accusations – insisted that Andrew had not been properly legally notified of the lawsuit. But they quickly run out of inclusion in this particular argument. Earlier this week, the UK High Court ruled that if the two legal teams cannot reach an agreement, they will Andrew serves. But the court spokesperson As he told Reuters, That Andrew’s lawyers indicated that they might appeal the ruling: “Prince Andrew’s lawyers have indicated that they may seek to appeal the Supreme Court’s decision to recognizeand e the validity of the Hague Convention’s request for service made by Mrs. Geoffrey’s lawyers.”

while, The times mentioned That in the United States, on September 16, Joffrey’s attorneys filed a motion asking the judge overseeing the case, U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, to rule that Andrew had already served properly, stressing the many ways they tried to notify this man of a lawsuit It is hard for him to avoid knowing:

As evidence of their efforts to serve the Duke in the suit, they attached photographs of an envelope containing the suit which had been placed in a British mailbox, with a first-class stamp.

They’ve also attached a delivery notice from FedEx, a delivery confirmation from a London courier company, and copies of automated email acknowledgments from lawyers who have represented the Duke in previous cases.

as a response, Reuters reportedKaplan quickly decided that it would be enough legally if Giuffre’s team served Andrew through his Los Angeles-based attorney, also called Andrew. (Last name Breitler, he has also represented Armie Hammer and Danny Masterson.) Kaplan clearly wrote in his judgment: “Service is not intended to be a game of hide and seek behind palace walls.”

Meanwhile, the times I reported that another New York judge – Judge Loretta Prisca in Manhattan – ruled that Andrew’s team… could Look for information about a document Joffrey signed as part of her 2009 settlement with Epstein, which Andrew’s lawyers suggest may relieve Andrew of any liability (even though he was not a party to that lawsuit).

but the Mirror Reports Andrew doesn’t feel very confident these days:

One source said: “He wasn’t his usual persona, acting as if everything was at hand.

The issue suddenly became very urgent and there was a clear tension in the air.

“There has been a huge shift in mood and the fact that this can only go on for months, if not years, plus potentially costing millions of pounds, is very real.”

His place on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on the Queen’s platinum jubilee is the least of his worries these days.


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