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Prestashop Payment Restrictions: Payment methods are important for every online e-commerce store because they support transactions between businesses and customers. This is the last advance of the sales process in an e-commerce store. Online retailers offer customers a variety of payment options so that they can choose the mode of convenience.

Sometimes online store owners need to limit certain forms of payment. In the e-commerce business, not all payment options are suitable for every product. For example, you may want to limit the cash-on-delivery payment option for products under $ 99.

However, in the default Prestashop, you can enable or disable payment methods through currencies, customer groups, country restrictions, and carriers that may not be sufficient to suit your business needs.

Thanks to the Prestashop Payment Restrictions module which helps you create flexible conditions to limit the use of certain payment methods.

With this extension, you can limit products, categories, suppliers, brands, cart ranges, zip codes, product types, and time-based payment methods.

Prestashop Payment Restrictions Features.

  • Limit payment methods for specific products, categories, brands and suppliers.
  • Disable certain payment methods based on cart limit and specific days and times.
  • Limit payment options to zip codes.
  • Hide payment methods for product types – standard, packaged and virtual.
  • Disable payment options for multiple products at once.
  • Option to delete limited payment methods for carts, zip codes and time limits.
  • Change already limited payment methods and limit other payment options for products, categories, brands and suppliers.
  • Consumers can see the list of payment methods available for the product on the product page.
  • Set the custom message to display on the checkout page under Payment.
  • Enable or disable display of payment message on checkout page.
  • Only authorized payment methods are visible to customers when placing an order on the checkout page.
  • Prestashop Payment Restrictions Module is MultiShop.

How to install Prestashop Payment Restrictions.

  • First, go to the Module Manager in the previous office and click ‘Upload a Module’.
  • Next, drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
  • This way, the module installation will be successful.
Installation of payment restrictions
Installation of payment restrictions

Payment Restriction Settings.

Setting payment restrictions

Under “Payment Restriction Settings”, you can:

  • Choose to display the payment message on the checkout page.
  • Configure the message to display under payment on the checkout page.
  • Enable or disable the display of payment methods available on the checkout page.

Payment restriction

After successful installation of the module, a new tab “Payment Restrictions” becomes available under Payments in the back office. From this tab, you can limit payment methods based on:

  • Brands
  • Types
  • Supplier
  • Product type.
  • Specific products.
  • Basket limit
  • Zip codes.
  • Time.
terms of payment

Brand restriction

Choose payment methods you want to limit to brands. The payment methods you choose will not be available for products that belong to brands.

Restrictions on payment by brand

Only payment methods are available for “Fashion Manufacturer” brand products on the product page.


Similarly, you can select payment methods that you want to limit to categories and suppliers.

Category restriction

Payment Restrictions by Category

On the checkout page, the payment methods you have restricted will not appear for products that fall into the selected categories.


Product type restriction

There are three types of products in Prestashop (Standard, Pack, Virtual). With this extension, you can also limit payment methods for your Prestashop store product types.

Payment restrictions by product

Specific product restrictions

Limiting one-to-one payment methods for individual products can be painful and time consuming. Prestashop Payment Restrictions allow you to disable multiple product payment methods at the same time.

Under the Specifc Product Restriction tab, you can select the products for which you want to restrict payment methods, and then click the Add Product button.


Similarly, you can restrict payment methods to other groups of products.

Payment restrictions by product

Now, when the user goes to the product page, they will not see the limited payment methods for the product.


As we can see in the screenshot above, the bank transfer payment option does not appear on the product page as it is restricted to this product.

Cart range restriction

Under this tab, you can set the cart limit for which you want to limit payment methods. Also, you can set the amount in the range to include taxes, shipping and discounts.

Payment restrictions by cart range

After specifying the cart limit, click the Save button. Also, once added, you can choose to delete it.


Similarly, you can restrict payment methods to other cart ranges.


Now, if the customer’s cart value is within certain limits, he will not see the selected payment methods on the checkout page.


Zip code restriction

Under this tab, you can specify the zip code limit for which you want to disable payment methods. Also, you can select a specific zip code and restrict payment methods for it.


After specifying the zip code limit, click the Save button. Also, once added, you can choose to delete it.


Similarly, you can limit other zip code limits or payment methods for zip codes.



Under this tab, you can select the day and time for which you want to limit payment methods.


After selecting the day and time, click the Save button. Also, you can remove the payment method restriction for specific days and times by clicking the Delete button.


You can also restrict payment methods for other days and times by clicking the “ADD TIME” button.


As we can see in the above screenshot, payment by check method is limited to Wednesday and Thursday between 15:35 – 19:30 and bank transfer is limited to Wednesday and Thursday.

If a user adds a product to the cart and proceeds to check out at 16:00 on Wednesday, then a bank transfer payment option will be available to purchase the product.


It was all about the Prestashop Payment Restrictions module. I hope this document will help you better test the functionality of the module. Also, let us know what you think in the comments.


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Current Product Version – 4.0.0

Supported Framework Version – 1.7.xx.

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