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Scanning through all the predictions for the coming winter storm is enough to give you a headache.

Meteorologists aren’t sure yet what the storm will bring, but everybody agrees on one thing: It ain’t good.

It already has a name — Winter Storm Landon — and that’s never a good sign.

Nobody in St. Louis knows how to deal with winter weather. We flip out if we have to drive in just an inch of snow and even 1/10 of an inch of freezing rain can cause seriously slippery problems on the streets.

So when winter weather dares to arrive during winter, we all hit our “French Toast Alert” panic buttons and head to the store for eggs, milk and bread before the storm gets to us.

Where this storm slides by and how quickly will have a huge impact on the type of precipitation we get in the St. Louis area. It could come down as sleet, ice, or snow and the current accumulation guesses range from four inches of snow (not good) to eighteen inches of snow (time to find God).

It seems like regional meteorologists have been particularly cagey about telling us their accumulation predictions when it comes to this specific storm.

If you’re an optimism person, you’ll take this as a sign that it’s coming can’t be that bad. But if you’re another type of person, you’ll see this strange unwillingness to tell us an accumulation prediction as highly suspicious and you’ll plan accordingly.

Here are the current predictions from a variety of sources:

KMOV’s Meteorologist Steve Templeton:

US National Weather Service in St. Andrews Louis:

The Weather Channel:

Yikes. Well, no matter how much snow falls, you’ll need many of the same supplies. In addition to food items, shovels and ice melt might be a good thing to grab if you can find it when you’re at the store today.

Good luck, St. Louis. See you on the other side of this minor inconvenience or this record-setting snowfall.

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