Pre-order this Spaghetti MagSafe battery for your iPhone 13 today and save 40%


It doesn’t matter how great your new battery life is. IPhone 13, Always has a little extra battery capacity. One of the great things about MegSafe batteries is that you can snap them when you need them and remove them when you’re done, even if there’s a case on your phone. But since they are so new, these batteries can be quite expensive. That’s why Spiegel’s new 5000 mAh battery is such a big deal: if you take advantage of the pre-order coupon today, you can buy it for 33 33.

It doesn’t get much better. The Spaghetti’s Arc Hybrid MegSafe battery charges your phone at 7.5 watts and can hold about twice as much charge as the battery itself. When not connected to your phone, it can charge via wireless charging from the pass or via the included USB-C cable. It’s a big battery, so you can use it whenever you want and you can’t constantly connect it to the phone. And for 33, it’s unimaginable.

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