Portugal announces new restrictions on the spread of the Corona virus – Politico

The Portuguese government announced a tightening of restrictions on COVID-19 on Thursday, including tightening border controls, as the most vaccinated country in the European Union struggles with a surge in new infections.

Prime Minister Antonio Costa said: “Despite the success of the vaccination … we have to realize that we are entering a high-risk phase because we are seeing a huge rise in the spread of the epidemic in the rest of Europe, and Portugal is not an island.”

It was announced on the first of December (December) the return of the “state of disaster”, which was lifted four months ago.

Under the new rules, all passengers traveling to Portugal will have to show a negative test before boarding and airlines will face a fine of 20,000 euros per passenger for failure to check.

Vaccine certificates will be mandatory for entry into hotels, restaurants, gyms and cultural events; Masks will again be required for indoor public spaces; Visitors to nursing homes, hospitals, bars, dance halls and major sporting and cultural events will have to test negative.

For “containment week” that begins on January 2, remote work will be mandatory, Costa said, and bars will close and school holidays will be extended to prevent the spread of the post-holiday season.

With more than 87 percent of its population vaccinated, Portugal’s infection rates are much lower than the countries in the north and east of the country most affected by the current outbreak’s resurgence.

However, it has also experienced a sharp rise in infections this month. On Wednesday, Portugal scored 3773 cases of new corona virus, the highest level since late June.

Besides the new restrictions, the authorities are ramping up the distribution of booster syringes for vaccination.

In the country of 10.3 million people, more than 850,000 have received fortified buns and 2.5 million should have them by January, according to Antonio Lacerda Sales, the health minister, Wed said.

There will be four “open days” in December for those who have received the J&J vaccine with one click to get a second shot.

However, delays and accusations over the chaotic organization have sparked calls for the return of Vice Admiral Henrique Gouvia e Mello, the former submarine captain who achieved national hero status for coordinating the launch of the world’s leading vaccine in Portugal before stepping down in October.


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