Port Jeff’s Elijah Riley has impressed the Gates’ defensive coaches

Elijah Reilly didn’t need much time to make a good impression on the Gates coaches.

The Jets signed the Port Jefferson producer and former Newfield star from the Eagles coaching team on November 9, and the defensive system quickly picked up. Riley got his first NFL game last week. Airplanes are “excited” about Riley’s capabilities and some of the traits he has demonstrated.

“He’s got a natural feel for the game,” defensive coordinator Jeff Olbrich said. “He’s been here for two weeks and already has a really solid understanding of this defense. Does he have? Not by any means. He has a long way to go. But for as short as he’s been here, he can really understand this.”

The Jets were searching for bodies at the rear end after Marcus May lost the safety of this season to a torn Achilles. Ulbrich sees Riley as a natural leader and wants to see what he can become when he becomes more comfortable.

Riley played four-strokes defensively with the Eagles, who signed with Riley last year as an uncredited free agent outside the Army. He played 64 last week against the Dolphins and had six tackles. It looks like Riley is in line for more.

“You’re always looking for operator-like security out there,” Ulbrich said. “That public realm that can communicate, get everyone on the same page, help with anticipation, pre-snap pointers and all the things that good safety does. I think he got those qualities for him.”

“He sees the game. He understands the game. When he starts to really learn that defense, I think his athleticism is going to disintegrate a little bit and he’ll be able to go. He’s another guy that we’re excited about.”

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The Jets could be without major players on Sunday against Texas. Receiver Corey Davis has not trained due to a thigh injury he sustained on Wednesday. Defensive lineman Foley Fatukassi also started not training Thursday due to a foot problem. Availability on Sunday is now in doubt.

Good job, Doctor

Robert Saleh was impressed by how right-hander Laurent DuVernay-Tardiff played in his debut as a jet-setter and first game in nearly two seasons. Doctor Duvernay Tardiff chose to withdraw last year from treating patients in his native Canada.

The Jets started Duvernay-Tardiff, which they acquired from Kansas City on November 2, last week against Miami in place of Greg van Rutten. Saleh hinted that Duvernay-Tardiff would start over.

“In the first match two years ago, I thought he did a good job,” Saleh said. “There will always be plays he’ll want to get back in. Excited for him to get another chance and another break. We expect him to be even better this week.”


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