Port Authority Pauses AirTrain in Cuomo After Hochul’s Order

A disgrace to the previous government. Andrew Cuomo’s $2.1 billion LaGuardia Airport has been officially “paused” after Governor Kathy Hoshol asked the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to do so. Looking for an alternativeThe bi-state agency said on Tuesday.

“At the request of Governor Hochhol, the Port Authority is conducting a comprehensive review of potential alternative mass transit options for LaGuardia Airport,” according to an unsigned statement posted to the Port Authority. “During the review, the Port Authority will pause further action in connection with the LaGuardia AirTrain project.”

The agency promised to “work in close consultation with independent experts and stakeholders, and will complete its work as quickly as possible, consistent with the need for the review to be comprehensive and rigorous.”

Hochul said last week that it had asked the port authority to “meticulously study alternative mass transit solutions to reduce vehicular traffic and increase connectivity to LaGuardia Airport” — effectively killing the controversial Cuomo Pet project.

The Port Authority’s executive director, Rick Cotton, said last month that purchases were underway for the monorail, which won federal approval earlier this year despite concerns. Inside the FAA That suggestion would be slower than driving or taking a taxi.

Governor Cathy Hochhol said she “does not feel compelled to accept” a former governor. Andrew Cuomo’s $2.1 billion AirTrain project at LaGuardia Airport.

The proposed Como route would force riders bound for Manhattan to first travel east – away from the island – before connecting to the subway or LIRR at Willets Point and then turning back west.

Opposition to the “wrong path” scheme I picked up steam Following Cuomo’s resignation on August 23 – culminating in Hochul’s announcement last week.


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