Pornographic actor Ron Jeremy pleads not guilty to more than 30 counts of sexual assault | Ents & Arts News

Porn star Ron Jeremy has pleaded not guilty to more than 30 counts of sexual assault.

Jeremy is facing the charges in Los Angeles, where he was indicted by a grand jury last week over allegations involving 21 women between the ages of 15 and 51 over a 23-year period.

The prosecutor’s office said the charges include 12 allegations of rape, seven of forced oral intercourse, six of sexual assault, and two of penetration while the victim was sleeping or losing consciousness.

Ron Jeremy has been behind bars for more than a year after being arrested on suspicion of rape. Pic file: AP

Other charges include sodomy, assault with intent to rape, and sexual acts against children.

The alleged crimes were said to have taken place in nightclubs and bars in Los Angeles, as well as while taking pictures at the defendant’s home.

Jeremy has appeared in over 2,000 pornographic films since the 1970s, and remains one of the most recognizable names in the industry.

He was He was arrested for the first time a year ago On suspicion of raping three women, he has been in prison since then pending trial.

at that time, More victims came The result of a prolonged investigation.

In an email to Reuters on Wednesday, Jeremy’s lawyer said he was “innocent of all charges”.

Investigation is underway.

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