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PopCase Review: Finally a MagSafe case for PopSocket fans

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As far as PopSockets’ suspicions are concerned, the new PopCase had something to do with convincing us that it was capable of embellishing our phones. Surprisingly, he made a great case for himself. No pin intended.

PopCase is a new iPhone case from PopSockets that retains what many people liked about self-titled accessories, but it adds more compatibility and functionality.

It starts out as a fairly standard shell case. It covers all sizes of cases, including the bottom cover completely – without port. It wraps slightly around your phone’s face so your phone’s display won’t come in contact with the bottom when the face is down.

There are plastic buttons that sit on either side of your iPhone’s buttons, volume toggles as well as side buttons for both. These buttons are detached from the body of the case, allowing them to move freely. Because they are free from the case, they are very tactile and feel as responsive as real metal buttons.

The cases come in a variety of colors, including tail and clear versions.

A sliding grip

What makes this case so unique is the rear built-in pop socket. Unlike a regular PopGrip that rests on the back of your phone and is not specifically intended to move repeatedly, it is built into the sliding rail on the back of the phone.

Use PopCase as a stand, either vertically or horizontally.

Use PopCase as a stand, either vertically or horizontally.

As it slides, it can sit in the middle and be used to lift the phone horizontally – to watch movies or play games – or to move the phone vertically by sliding down. Used for When vertical, it makes it easy to watch your phone, record videos, take selfies, or take FaceTime calls.

Meg Safe Support

Of course, another advantage of sliding PopSocket down is that it enables support for MagSafe or Qi wireless charging.

IPhone 13 Pro on Belkin Boost Charge Meg Safe Stand

IPhone 13 Pro on Belkin Boost Charge Meg Safe Stand

For immediate note, there are some versions of PopCase that do not work with MagSafe, so make sure you choose a synchronized model if it is important to you. Even the non-Mag Safe version supports Qi wireless charging.

Once we slide our PopSocket downwards, we can use almost any MagSafe device we have. We were able to mount it on our tripod with Moment tripod mounts. We can relate it to most of the MegSafe stands we had, such as the Boost Charge from Belkin.

Using Apple's Mag Safe Pack

Using Apple’s Mag Safe Pack

It certainly worked hand-in-hand with the stock Apple Mag Safe Pick. All are securely kept and can be charged without any problems.

Replaceable pop sockets

Since these are PopSockets, the tops can be changed to your liking. By pressing against the case and rotating counterclockwise, the upper part of the PopSocket will be freed. You can then take a different top and pop it in the opposite direction with a small twist.

Change the cover of your PopSocket.

Change the cover of your PopSocket.

PopSockets has a growing selection of designs, literally in the hundreds. There are metal enamels, which are ice globes, buried flowers, and piles of licensed people like Disney, Marvel, Coca-Cola, and more.

Should You Buy a Popcase?

Our real problems with PopSockets were twofold. We disliked that they could not be removed and were fixed on your phone more or less until you were ready to toss it and we hated that it gave you MagSafe or wireless chargers. Use is prohibited. The new PopCase fixes both of these issues.

Added grip from PopSockets.

Capture added with PopCase.

It is difficult to find fault in this case. PopSockets includes additional functionality that you would not otherwise get. Use it as a stand in any direction, add a grip to hold your phone and avoid falling in the first place. And still use Mag Safe Mounts and Chargers.

The biggest downside is that PopSocket is still under your phone, some chargers may not work. Metal slabs belonging to the local union or gypsies will be on the way. All other MagSafe chargers will work just fine.

If you were hesitant about PopSockets or maybe you are a fan of Pop Sockets but want more functionality then check out the new PopCase.

  • Support for the latest iPhones
  • MagSafe works with mounts and chargers as well as Qi chargers.
  • The PopSocket clip can be removed.
  • PopSockets can be customized to suit your style.
  • Protective case design with highly tactile buttons
  • Can act as a vertical or horizontal iPhone stand.
  • Can’t use MagSafe Wallet with this type of case
  • Some MegSafe mounts can still hit the pop socket.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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