Pontines vacation locations can be used as temporary accommodation for Afghan refugees

The holiday parks in Pontins are temporary accommodation for Afghan evacuees Upon arriving in Britain, he appeared.

Government sources told The Telegraph Thursday that Pontins have indicated a desire to display some of their locations in a bid to help house hundreds of families. Flee from the Taliban.

Interior Ministry officials are believed to have examined two specific sites, and ministers have yet to make a final decision. The resort company owns six locations in England and Wales.

On Thursday, James Hebei, the defense secretary, said eight RAF flights managed to transport 1,988 people from Kabul in the past 24 hours, bringing the total since the Taliban took power to 12,279.

Border Force officials report that several large families have arrived in Britain, including a family of 20, who landed at Heathrow this week.

The councils are preparing to rent private homes and buy or even build additional real estate due to the lack of homes big enough for some of the fleeing families, The Telegraph revealed this weekend.

Another option for long-term sheltering of Afghan immigrants involves the use of military accommodation previously designated for disposal.

Afghanistan is in the possession of the United Kingdom red travel list, meaning that all evacuees arriving at Heathrow, Birmingham and Breeze Norton airports must self-quarantine for 10 days upon arrival. They are not charged for hotel stays under the managed quarantine system, which is operated by G4S.

Ministers said Afghan translators and other former local staff who served alongside British forces in Afghanistan, believed to number around 7,000, may come to the UK with their families.

Moreover, the government has committed to allowing an additional 5,000 Afghans to resettle in Britain this year, rises to 20000 The long-term. Officials will prioritize women, girls, and other vulnerable groups.

The Telegraph has reached out to Pontins for comment.


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