Politics latest news: Boris Johnson announces Freedom Day

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Politics latest news: Boris Johnson announces Freedom Day

TA senior Conservative party member said his Conservative Party conference of the year would be the “first test of the government’s winter intentions”, as he sounded a warning about the prospects of a future shutdown.

Mark Harper, president of the Covid Recovery Group and Member of Parliament for Forest of Dean, noted that while hopes were high that people would be able to “enjoy a summer as close to normal as possible” if they avoided being pressured by the NHS Covid app, there was still a shortage. In clarity regarding fall and winter.

“If the party convention is in the form of a ‘hybrid,’ part online, part in-person with limited capacity in any way, that would be a worrying signal,” he wrote on ConHome. “If the ruling party does not have the confidence to host its party conference under normal circumstances at the beginning of October, what confidence will the country have that we are back to normal?

He notes that the “small version” of the government documents “provides more than a hint that the government intends to re-impose restrictions this winter”.

“Winter is coming,” he adds on broadcast of his favorite Westminster TV show Game of Thrones.


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