Police Command Failed Colleges Whistleblowers January 6

A former US Capitol Police official alleged that the department’s command failed to heed warning signs and did not adequately prepare security before the January 6 riots on Capitol Hill.

In a letter he sent to leaders of both parties in the House and Senate, he obtained it Politico, the official claimed that Sean Gallagher, acting chief of uniformed operations at the Capitol Police, and Yogananda Bateman, the assistant chief of police for protection and intelligence operations, received an intelligence report in late December that should have led to increased security on January 6. I mentioned the port:

The whistleblower accused Pittman of lying to Congress about a key intelligence report the department received in late December. That report noted that a blog called “thedonald.win” published a map of the Capitol campus, and that commentators on the site called on protesters to take up arms and confront members of Congress.

Last April, Pittman told congressional investigators that top Capitol Police officials had been briefed on the intelligence report; The whistleblower claimed that this was a lie.

“These officials are the only ones who have all the intelligence on the sixth,” the informant wrote.

The informant added, “The most important piece of intelligence…was not shared with any member of the USCP leadership.” “Why did they agree to the operational plan for the sixth if they knew the intelligence?”

according to Politico, “A senior law enforcement official said other people in the department already had intelligence, but it obviously should have been more widely distributed.”

In June, bipartisan Report Allegedly, Bateman failed to share intelligence about a possible attack with the High Command.

Beyond the Capitol Police, the whistleblower also claimed that congressional leaders “intentionally failed” to tell the truth about the January 6 failures.

Truth may be less valued than politics by many members of the congressional community to include those who made decisions about the leadership of the USCP after January 6th, but I believe the truth is still important to real people and certainly the men and women of the US Capitol Police.

Although department officials disputed this claim, the whistleblower claimed that Pittman and Gallagher did little or nothing while riots broke out on January 6. Politico that the informant was present at the Capitol Police Headquarters during the event, even though his time there ranged from six hours to just under two hours.

The whistleblower wrote, “What I have noticed is that they are mostly sitting there, looking candidly at television screens showing real-time footage of officers and officials fighting for Congress and their lives,” adding:

My claim is that these two people knowingly and maliciously chose not to try to help officers and officials, blame others for the failures, and chose to try to use this event for their personal promotions. It hasn’t been done yet[t] But while the officers and officials were still fighting the demonstrators.

Two law enforcement officials present at the command center on January 6 contradicted the whistleblower’s claim and said Politico that “Gallagher focused on bringing in support from the National Guard and law enforcement partners, and Pittman focused on evacuating and protecting members of Congress and the vice president.”

In response to the letter, a USCP spokesperson told the outlets that the allegations made had already been addressed to avoid the same mishaps in the future.

“The letter from the former employee reflects the recommendations considered in those reports,” a Capitol Police spokesperson added. “USCP leaders, under new President Tom Manger, are committed to learning from past mistakes and protecting our brave officers, who fought valiantly on January 6, so that we can continue to carry out the critical mission of the Department.”

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