Police arrest 22-year-old for shooting at nightclub booth

the Denver Police Department A 22-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder in connection with the fatal shootings of two people at the Taphouse cabin in the early morning hours of January 1.

According to the Department of Democracy, officers arrested Levi Floyd Decadeo late on January 13 in a residential neighborhood in northwest Aurora. The arrest was the result of a team effort by the Aurora Police Department, the Denver Police Fugitive Unit, the Denver Violent Criminal Enterprises Task Force, and the Denver Special Operations Response Team.

“Diecidue has been detained for investigations into first-degree murder and first-degree murder with extreme indifference and first-degree assault,” the statement read. The shooting also resulted in two injuries.

DPD notes that the Diecidue’s statement of probable cause is sealed at this time and that management does not release a booking photo. Moreover, the police requested that any “photos found of the suspect be withheld, as witnesses must still be contacted and a photo released that could jeopardize the ongoing investigation” and added that “no other parties have been sought in this incident.”

After hours of shooting, Department of Excise and Licensing He issued a temporary suspension of Cabin’s liquor license, which is still valid. Management has also just issued an incidental injunction, scheduling a hearing for January 18, where Cabin will have to discuss why he should be able to keep his liquor license. The club was owned until late 2021 by Valentis Corleone (legal name Hossam Kayali), who owns the neighboring Beta, which also recently lost its liquor license. Although Corleons sold Cabin to Thomas Schaefer, he still owns the building, which he bought last summer for $2.5 million. Prior to the change of ownership, the building was home to the Falling Rock Tap House for 24 years; Corleons turned it into a cabin.

More detailed information about the shooting comes from the order of the show. In the complaint section of the document, Emily Reisdorf of Denver law firm He wrote, “An investigation revealed that a brawl broke out inside the cabin earlier in the night. Security personnel broke up the brawl, and the parties involved were allowed to remain in the building. After that brawl, a witness reported that a male shepherd approached them bleeding from his head in the bar and reported that a group of Hispanic men “jumped” on him. Later in the evening, the same individuals got involved in a second altercation which led to the shooting.”

The two people killed in the shooting were Devont Phillips, 24, and Hayao “Joya” Tesfa Zwedi Walker, 29. According to Jordan Rodriguez, Phillips’ sister-in-law, Phillips was the one who jumped earlier that night and was bleeding from his head. Phillips left behind a two-year-old daughter, while Tesfa Zodi Walker left behind a nine-year-old daughter and twelve-year-old son.

Rodriguez also described the shooter that night as wearing a “beanie style hat with light jeans and tennis shoes” and a “hard jacket.” A video taken by someone in a cabin in the lead-up to the shooting shows part of the altercation that occurred. In the video, a man matching Rodriguez’s description of the shooter can be seen reaching the waist of his jeans just seconds before five shots are fired. The video does not clearly capture the actual shooting itself.

Online records indicate that Diecidue attended Broomfield High School, where he was a successful member of the wrestling team. In March 2017, his adoptive parents staged a GoFundMe campaign to help send their eighteen-year-old son to an expensive wrestling camp during the summer before Diecidue’s senior year of high school.

“Statistics say that this young man should be in prison, that he should have failed in high school, and that in the end he won’t make it to much in the face of society. However, this young man beat the statistics. He rewrote his story, And Molly and I are more proud of him…better than that, he couldn’t be more proud of himself!” One of Diecidue’s parents wrote in describing the online fundraising, which indicated that Diecidue was interested in joining the United States Marine Corps after high school.

The court’s database doesn’t show any scheduled hearings yet for Diecidue, which is being held at the downtown detention center.


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