Pokemon is enough – and much remains to be done.

Anis’s new passion was not isolated. League The gamer spread like wildfire on the Internet in the early 2010’s, eventually leading to the rise of a new live streaming website called Twitch.tv. Launched in 2011, Twitch was already attracting the attention of top gamers around the world, broadcasting for hours on the site. Call of Duty Truck shots and military grade. Star Craft 2. The dramas were filmed with a dedicated, Capital-G gamer viewership, which by 2013, reached an average of only 200,000 viewers on the platform. A live chat is scrolled along with each broadcast, where fans get emotional and newcomers ask a growing class of micro-celebrities generic questions.

Always an extrovert, Anis approached Twitch as an opportunity to make more gaming friends, especially with other women. (There weren’t many people in her high school.) She signed up in June 2013 and picked up the handles of Pokیمmon and Iman’s Port Mento Pokیمmon, as she would later tell viewers, sarcastically on her forehead. Tapped He felt that he had gained the right to stream himself when he hit the platinum level. Of the league. Competitive ladder later this year. She bought a $ 250 desktop PC from a classified website, went to Twitch, and hit Go Live.

In an early clip of her channel, Anis’s face appears in a small box attached to it. League The window carries his character, Jinx, a rocket launcher, defending his team’s nexus against five enemies. Nineteen is very focused, her cheeks are swollen, when she catches an enemy and rocks them, rocks each other, puts a third into her base and rocks them, the fourth fleeing Chases and rocks them, and finally, less healthy but bloodthirsty, even a little arrogant, screaming, “Oh, give me a pint, man! He also touches the fifth depth in his team’s base before rocketing them. Nineteen goggles fit into the foot.

On the stream, Anis was bright, charming, obsessive – just the opposite of a stool. Call of Duty: Black Operations II. And Counter-strike: Global aggression Streamers talk salty porn on shiny black keyboards. It was a good party, of course. And, of course, beautiful. But he also has a huge range as a human being, screaming “FUUUUUUUUUK” into the microphone after he died in the bridge in an instant. League, And next time advising her audience on how to wrap up with Bronzer. She was aspiring, not yet mainstream, but there is a natural balance between the feminine and the gamer hood, the Internet shuttler and the magic girl of the mobile phone.

At the time, Anis was attending McMaster University in Ontario and studying chemical engineering. Last year, it balanced 120% of the course load with a semi-regular Twitch streaming schedule, packed its classes in just 10 to 12 hours a day and streamed three days a week in the afternoon or evening.

It wasn’t just about making friends, Twitch became a part-time job for Anis. And he started repaying what he had given: To pay for college, he had taken out more than میں 20,000 in student loans. The more she streams, the sooner she can pay off her debt. Viewers donated a small amount of 5 or $ 10 or $ 25 attached to the messages (“Sick game !!!!” “Cute dress !!!” “Fuck !!”), of which she was very fond. Confessed and answered. Behind her, looking at her webcam, was a whiteboard full of rainbow usernames, an Ersatz donor wall for a dorm room set.

Many Twitch Streamers cultivated patrons like this, earning a few bucks per hour to invest in a new graphics card, a professional microphone, and even an IRL bill. Select the top streamers who also benefited from the sponsorship, at the moment, mostly from specific gaming brands. These companies had no objection to associating with boys – and they were almost always boys – who sometimes chanted slogans in frustration, now happily called “hot gamer moments”, or who Called the titles “Tight Streamers”. What a wonderful way to screw people over. Most of these were not brand friendly.


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