Poison: Let there be a massacre.

Where are you picking up? Poison Left, Poison: Let there be a massacre. Faces a wide-eyed symbol with his greatest enemy: Massacre. First, though, the poison has to agree with both its host body and its place in the world.

Poison: Let there be a massacre. Eddie Brooke spends most of his time moving between Venom and Venom. However, there is still a wide array of both return and new characters, each of which can be marked as one of the 12 signs on the astronomical chart.

12 Aries – Cletus Kasady

Aries is the person who gets angry regularly because they forget why they got angry first. The Rams get bored without constant stimuli and will do anything if anything happens. Cletus Kasady almost never gets angry.

Cassidy says he has had a difficult life (abusing his grandmother and mother) but does not know how to use his anger in a positive way. A red-haired serial killer can be as simple as a child laughing constantly. His preferred motive is (appropriately) genocide, which he often accepts. Going to this prison was one of Eddie Brook’s worst decisions. If he had stayed away from Cassidy, the killer would never have come across the symbiot that allows him to experience a new level of violence.

11. Taurus – An Weaving.

A Taurus is happy with stagnation. They think logically and often find themselves sticking to a schedule. Because of this, bulls are generally seen as having a hard head. Anne Weing (Michelle Williams) is probably the only inconsistency stubborn Eddie Brook can bear.

As well as being the most favorite character Poison: Let there be a massacre.Weying is a strictly logical thinker. Emotions can hardly cope with this and she can accept potentially devastating situations with a clear head. This agency was visited. Poison And back inside Poison: Let there be a massacre. (Although with less screen time).

10 Gemini – poison.

The twins can capture the attention of the whole room with their voices. He has the mind of a resurrection man, who is engaged in many subjects. In the end, a Gemini can turn any weird conversation into a joke. All these qualities indicate a person who is very good at the party. And, as I’ve seen. Poison: Let there be a massacre.Poison is great at a party.

A resurrection man is one who can solve any task with a level of comparison. Poison is the child’s curious mind and he tries to give his best shot no matter what the scene. Poison also tends to leave a joke between arguments, which reduces the tension between him and the host: Eddie Brooke. This sometimes results in one of the worst cases of poisoning.

9. Cancer – Dr. Dan Lewis |

Crabs are more sensitive to stimuli and often look for a safer environment. Cancer will forgive a sin, but never reach the point of forgetting it. They often put themselves in a vulnerable position for others, but there is usually a personal line that should not be crossed.

Dr. Dan Lewis (now fianc Weing) doesn’t have much work to do. Poison: Let there be a massacre.But when it comes to light, it is for good reason. When her fianc is kidnapped, it is when she puts aside her tension with Danbrook in favor of activism.

8. Leo – Massacre.

When talking to a lion, a big personality should be expected. Lewis is a creative type who has both the desire and the ability to make an impression. The massacre gives an impression no matter what room it is in, even if other occupants do not leave it alive.

The massacre uses a creative solution to his terror (ie letting other prisoners out during his / her prison break). Most, though, want genocide to prevail. He wants to kill the poison (mainly his father) and harm the world.

7. Virgo – Detective Milligan.

As long as there is activity, Kanya will be fine. If they do not feel that their abilities are being used, though, they will stop. Overall, Virgo has a kind heart set with a decisive tone. Detective Milligan is a fixer and constantly on the move (while also using his abilities at work).

Milligan gets the right amount. Poison: Let there be a massacre.He is responsible for losing the partner’s eye and at least partly for Qasadi’s imprisonment. What’s more, Milligan looks like a man who only feels alive when he’s wearing a badge.

6. Libra – Mrs. Chen.

Scales are social butterflies that prefer a lasting sense of peace. Libra likes to analyze every aspect of a conflict as it is against itself but finds it difficult to make decisions in times of tension. Mrs. Chen is definitely engaged in analysis, criticizing Brooke’s latest decisions or physical appearance every time she is in her shop.

He is one of the few people who knows about poison. Most will see the situation with a frightened nature, however, Mrs. Chen sees it from the point of view of both Poison and Brooke (assuming they need each other). In addition, Mrs. Chen looks very satisfied in her shop, which gives her a sense of peace.

5. Scorpio – Eddie Brooke

The scorpion is sitting quietly in the back corner of the room. They will spread their legs and kick back, seemingly ignoring the opinions of others. However, if there is chemistry, Scorpio’s eyes will stop and never let go. Eddie Brook doesn’t have many close people in his life, but the ones he loves protect everything.

Eddie Brooke has changed since then. Poison, But he is not yet fully grown. He has a hard time expressing his feelings, especially Weing (for which he is still carrying a torch), but he can still seduce her with his eyes.

4. Sagittarius – young Shriek

Archer is passionate but has a drive to improve himself. The Antichrist uses his words as a weapon but generally speaks the truth. They also have a tendency to question their value.

The short version of Partner / Barrison is in one view only. Poison: Let there be a massacre.But over time, that is likely to change. He has been defeated by life and the tyrants inside him. But with Cassidy, she feels free to communicate.

3. Capricorn – Dr. Pazo.

Capricorn is a friend who seems older than his age. They are responsible and take their special responsibility in life seriously. However, the goat is initially cool for strangers and suppresses emotions in favor of career success. Dr. Pazo, the co-lead physician, is not much in the film, but over time it is clear that she is pursuing a career.

Pazo has a cold seal on everyone he meets. This double applies to the partner, to whom Dr. Pazo is particularly cruel. She lacks emotion in all of her scenes, often with someone’s steel reserve focused on her career and productivity.

2. Aquarius – Frances Barrison / Shriek

The water bearer is devoid of emotion. They are more and more compelled to build a life of maximum freedom. Naturally, considering acquisition feels like going out anyway.

Francis Barrison is not at all interested in spending time with another person, with the sole exception of Cassidy. Beyond the massacre, he is the most anti-social character in the film. Barrison (co) is in favor of escaping from prison where she can do whatever she wants.

1. Pisces – Young Cletus

Fish have a strange way of looking wise and foolish at the same time. They often confuse reality with dreams and have a fast beating heart.

The smaller version of Cassidy is barely inside. Poison: Let there be a massacre. But it was also clear at that age that his heart was romantic. His love for Barrison kept him (and vice versa). In her prison cell, all Cassidy could talk about her love and dreams.

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