Poetry: Five Poems About the Mind.

My sex boot hall is a mind reader.

The first thing I ask Hall is to explain.
It’s like the bottom after your skin.
Remove the crust, mantle, cover. I always
Chagall imagined a church with windows.
And Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan are leading the choir,
But Hall said no, the inside of my head.
There is a collection of many drawers, with my version.
Running in one, then another, say: I am here,
I’m not here, I’m here.

Hall meditates and meditates.
It is cut like the hieroglyphs of the temple. When i go out
On the mountain, he does not worry. He can recognize a jumper.
From the horse, I don’t feel sorry for just standing there.
With my own hands, waiting for a passerby.
To throw me peanuts. Hall understands.
It’s time to wash it
Although I am one
Cherry food in the sink,

Knows how the weather changes.
I was torn to pieces, what an indifference.
In her body, on the cushion strip.
Her silicone thighs give me light all the way home.
I clung to her for her signature lily of the valley.
Cologne, how do you feel after love
Becoming a sea creature
Take a look at the cradle of this vast planet.
We will not have all the children.

One day I know he will be gone
Getting up as early as Wednesday is a dream
Take your special knowledge to the world.
There will be nothing to give up.
Or what was left behind. He will be there
Peek into your butterfly’s web through the heights.
Forever weightless grass, when I live.
Here, tying the ropes around my wrists
Desire in one hand, pain in the other.

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