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Play Tag Heuer’s latest smartwatch? Super Mario

Yes, Apple has The smartwatch market is currently closed. When it comes to market share, no one can touch them. Not Samsung. Not even Google.

But while those two companies are betting hard on combining forces with their new Wear OS (now just wear) in an attempt to overthrow Apple, Tag Heuer has steadfastly adhered to its strategy of making smart watches for such people. There are those who are leaning towards more traditional luxury watches. So far, that’s it.

Now, thanks to Frederick Arnold, the brand’s CEO, being an avid gamer, Tag has attached a wearable Super Mario Limited Edition smartwatch ($ 2,150) available on July 14th. Is built in, which is completed with the dynamic version of the built plumber. Different parts of its UI

While such measures may seem like a strange collaboration for the luxury Swiss watch brand, there are more than a few factors at play. The first is that the average age of a party these days is 35 years, which is mostly according to estimates, and its age is based on luxury items, which are also traditionally older. Second, high-end clocks adorned with computer game characters are nothing new. Now, for example, if you have a spare 17,000, you can grab an RJK Moon Anoder Space Invader Pop watch

The third and possibly the main reason for this Tag X Nintendo Smart Watch game is Arnault himself. At just 26 years old, the son of Bernard Arnold, who briefly surpassed Jeff Bezos to become the world’s richest man as chairman of LVMH in December 2019, is the youngest in Switzerland. Omar is the CEO of Watch. Prior to taking a top job at Tag, he joined the company in 2017 to oversee the development of the connected smartwatch, and this is very much in his spare time.

Indicating a potentially known partnership, Arnold began talking to Nintendo about a joint venture two years ago when he was still heading the affiliated division. “I thought I’d contact Nintendo,” says Arnold. “I’m a fan of Mario. He’s playing.” Mario Kart This is what happens to my brothers. We noticed some gambling in the fitness experience at Connecticut, a product that is thought to affect people’s behavior and lives. And instead of trying to increase the wrestling itself, it made sense to find a partner for it. “

Also attached are some body design gestures such as the bezel graduation, push button and crown logo, the color filled with Mario’s famous red hat, an ‘M’ engraved on the strap box, and a super mushroom, 3 for this edition. Two versions of Pipe and Superstar, Hever 02 Watch faces were made at the 6 and 9 o’clock positions. One is the famous red and blue of Super Mario, the other is the face of a traditional watch which is red.

But chances are Mario Dial animations will get fans ready to unlock when you hit fitness balls all day. When you count 25, 50, 75, and 100 percent of your daily count, Tag says that Easter eggs are affected by gaming, so a different animation emerges.

Right now, the face of this interactive Mario watch is only pre-installed on the Super Mario Limited Edition attached to Tag Heuer, but Tag is considering making it available on other editions attached at various stages.

As far as traditional tag users are concerned, Mario Mashup is far from reliable. “I’m convinced that, in fact, it was a threat. But it also fits well with what we want to say with the product. The attached watch is a digital product, and we are partnering with the digital icon.

This story was originally published UK wire.

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