PJFM Fall Fest returns from November 7-20

Another beloved Philly Film Festival kicks off with the return of the 41st Philadelphia Jewish Film and Media Festival on Sunday.

Events include virtual screenings of most popular films, and in-person screenings in theaters throughout the Philadelphia area. The festival runs until November 20, with performances showing almost every day. Bring celebrations this year Nine films in regional theaters, with more available during livestream events Or upon request for the duration of the festival.

Opening night begins on Sunday with Wet dog A German film will be available in person at the Philadelphia Film Center at 7 p.m. or live broadcast to residents of the Palestinian Authority. The film, selected for the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, is based on the autobiography of Ari Sharros Shalikar, and tells the story of a Jewish-Iranian teen’s struggle over his identity. The screening process will follow an interview with the author and filmmaking team.

The film “Neighbors”, the centerpiece of the festival, will be available for viewing during a live broadcast on Saturday, November 13th at 7 pm. The film tells the story of Ciro, a young boy in a small Syrian village, who explores his childhood amid the growth of his mentor. Attempts to drown him in fascist beliefs.

The festival’s closing event, “Not Going Quietly,” will be available for viewing in person at the National Museum of American Jewish History or via a virtual live stream at 7 p.m. on November 20. The documentary takes viewers on Adi Barkan’s journey through ALS diagnosis, treatment, his relationship with his son, and his advocacy for healthcare through “Be a hero” campaign. Take the movie home Audience Award for Humanity in Social Work at SXSW 2021. The trailer is available below.
A full range of movies is available Here, with multiple events taking place over the next two weeks.


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