Pixel Phone Emergency can automatically record and upload videos.

One of the features that Google offers exclusively through its Pixel Android phones is the Personal Safety App. Over the years, it has added features such as safety check-ins that automatically notify your emergency contacts if you do not respond as scheduled and if you find out that you are in a car accident. Ability to dial 911 automatically. now XDA-Developers. And Android Police. Introduce a new feature that can automatically record video if you enable the built-in emergency SOS.

We installed the update from Google Play on a Pixel device. It notifies users that it can record continuously for up to 45 minutes after activation, assuming your phone has enough storage. If you have an internet connection, the video will be automatically backed up to your Google Account, where it will be stored for seven days. If you ask the app to share automatically, it will send a link to this video file to any emergency contacts you select.

Pixel Emergency SOS Setting Screens.
Photo: Cameron Faulkner

If you have a Pixel phone, you may find this feature in the settings of the Personal Security app. Users press the phone’s power button five times to activate emergency SOS. While this is enabled, the phone is still available so you can use it with a minimal viewfinder and notification icon to show that recording is taking place. SOS can perform other tasks according to your settings, including calling 911, choosing to ring the alarm (or not ringing) when activated, or sharing information with your emergency contacts.

For other phones, Google tested the Emergency SOS version in the early beta for Android 12, but for now, this app and feature set is for the Pixel Line only.

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