Pioneer in social media marketing for Canadian real estate

New York, October 9, 2020 (INSIDER ARAVIR) -The real estate industry in Ontario is a bustling playground — and without proper dedication, it can be difficult to succeed and maintain it as a long-term real estate leader in this saturated industry. It takes good intentions, diligence and perseverance to make a lasting impression when building a personal brand and sharing – these are all achievements among Mark Salerno’s long list.

With over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, Mark Salerno has been a pioneer in the use of digital marketing methods in the industry. Mark sees everything as an opportunity – even in 2007, when Facebook first started, he understood the importance of social media. His peers used it for personal use, but Mark looked on Facebook as an opportunity to promote his listings online. Initially, his peers’ approach to sales and marketing was not a good idea. Little did they know that he was immersed in social media marketing, so early on he was able to build his presence on social media – in a way that other realtors, stockbrokers and experts look up to as a date. Soon after 13 years later, Mark’s opportunity-seeking mindset inevitably led him to use TikTok in late 2019 to promote his listing.

No one had been doing what Mark was doing and this allowed him to discover all the benefits of social media. He continues today – to dive into the new advances on social media and the innovations that each platform offers. Not only does this differentiate Mark from other Canadian stockbrokers and realtors, but it has also enabled him to build a strong, authentic and reliable online brand for his brand. Á Instagram for example, Mark offers maximum organic exposure for its listings – increasing its sales ratio and reducing the number of days a home sits on the market. One thing that sets him apart from the others is that Mark never publishes luxury files that are not his own and only creates original material. Mark has recognized the value of investing in an in-house media and marketing team. And although there are a number of servers on social media, it was Salerno who managed the fee for introducing listings in a new way. With his videos, Mark went from a typical way to presenting a listing in a more personal but visual way. Salerno was the first to do so and many brokers follow his guidance on their accounts. This does not mean that they have smoothed, though; Mark and the Salerno team believe that they have just scratched the surface of real estate material and there is so much opportunity waiting for them.

DM messages, comments and mailboxes are not only filled with registration inquiries – they also overflow with praise and questions in the industry seeking Salerno’s expertise and advice. People as well as industrialists come to Mark Salerno and celebrate their strategic approach to real estate sales. People come to him for advice because he loves the way he has built his brand and Mark is not alone in avoiding helping others.

Among the things he excels at is being one of the drivers who keeps him going. It has always been — from the time he started selling on social media in his early twenties until he is now 35 years old, with an established brand and distribution: Salerno Realty Inc.. It’s not just about excelling in your field, but also about being a reliable source for anyone – whether it’s another realtor or a client. It’s about having the utmost respect and being able to help anyone.

From the moment he opens his eyes in the morning, he is working – sacrificing time for the name to improve the industry and take his business to the next level. He is proud of his work and reputation and people see the reliability he brings to the table. They can see his 110% commitment present in his eyes and that is what compels them to keep coming back.

After all, it does not matter how large the commission can be. Creating a long-term relationship with clients who trust him and the reputation he has built over the years of hard work means more than anything. With advice from his father, Mario Salerno, Mark strongly believes in doing everything with honesty and a pure heart. Salerno believes that if you are honest and show genuine concern for the well-being of others, then trust is a natural achievement – and this only increases.

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