Pierce labels Harry and Meghan as ‘weasel’ over ‘racist’ royal label

Piers Morgan called the Duke and Duchess of Sussex an “evil weasel” as he demanded that they name the king who they said made a racist remark about their son Archie.

The former host of Good Morning Britain was responding to a Report in the Daily Mail Which Harry and Meghan thought about naming the royal family in their TV interview with Oprah Winfrey in March of last year.

Morgan tweeted on the front page of the Mail reporting discoveries in an updated unauthorized biography of the royal couple and said: “Go ahead, evil weasel – name the supposed royal racist and let him respond.”

“Otherwise, you will continue to discredit the entire family.”

It was the latest attack in Morgan’s long-running feud with the pair, who claimed in their interview with Winfrey that a senior member of the royal family had expressed “concern” about the skin color of their son Archie before he was born.

mail reports A leaked finale from an updated version of Finding Freedom, which is due to be published next week, claims that Harry and Meghan considered revealing the identity of the owner in the interview.

It is also reported that Harry’s brother, the Duke of Cambridge, was ‘furious’ about the TV scene and that Meghan found the experience ‘curing’ and ‘liberating’.

Another revelation contained in the updated version of the book is that some members of the royal family were particularly relieved that Meghan did not attend the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral because they feared her presence might create a “scene”.

The book also reportedly accuses the palace’s entourage of plotting against the couple and telling the media that Meghan and Harry did not seek a title for Archie – when they really wanted that option.

The paper claims the book is critical of the monarchy after aides to the monarch ordered an investigation into allegations of bullying by Meghan while the Duke and Duchess’ allegations of racism were not treated equally.

Harry is also, according to book reports, only on “light spoken terms” with his father, the Prince of Wales.

Reportedly, Harry’s finances are under scrutiny in the autobiography, which is said and claimed they “would not have survived” had it not been for the money he inherited from his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

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