Photo of Katie Price with a bruised and battered face after an alleged attack

Katie Price, 43, is said to be very upset to come home after being punched in an alleged attack. The TV star is believed to be staying with his friends to recover after the traumatic incident.

Katie Price is staying with her friends after she was allegedly attacked

New photos show Katie Price after being beaten and bruised in an alleged assault.

The star – whose face was bruised and her lip damaged in the new photos – is said to have been extremely tearful since the accident and has stayed in bed.

Her family rallies around her, including her mother and sister, who rush to her side.

Katie, 43, says she was left “shattered and stunned” after she was “punched” in an alleged attack on a home in Essex in the early hours of Monday morning.

“Katie is upset,” the source continued. “She is completely shocked by what happened.

“Her colleagues are concerned about the long-term impact this will have on Katie who, despite her tough exterior, can be fragile.”

Katie was allegedly punched in an attack by a man at a home in Essex


A man in his 30s was arrested on suspicion of assault, coercive control, and robbery.

Essex Police today confirmed he has been released on bail until next month.

“A man arrested on suspicion of assault, robbery, coercive conduct and control has been released on bail until September 20,” a statement said.

A source close to Katie told The Sun that officers told her there could be a “long investigation” ahead.

The mother-of-five said it was “unjustified” and fled to the home of her eldest son, Harvey.

Eyewitnesses claimed that a man at the scene was behaving erratically when an ambulance arrived at around 1.30am to take the star to hospital.

One said he was “running up and down and making monkey noises” in front of onlookers.

Ex-model says she feels ‘dizzy and devastated’


Speaking on Monday, Katie said she sustained a major bruise to her face and remains in a daze after being “punched” in the alleged attack.

“I had a big bruise, my face was swollen, and I went to the hospital,” she said in an interview with The Sun.

“I am still in a daze. I was devastated. I told the police that I was assaulted, and I am shocked that it happened.

“I ran away after getting punched – I ran into Harvey’s house and hurt my foot, which I had before.”

Katie broke her feet in a horror accident while in Turkey last year.

Katie said she ran to Harvey’s nearby house


She was warned that she might never work again but she amazed the doctors with her progress.

The My Crazy Life star was reported to have been taken to hospital on Monday suspected of having a broken jaw after an alleged attack.

She was treated by paramedics but left the hospital a few hours later.

Friends of the star say she spent the rest of the day sleeping.

It is said that the mother will be staying with a girlfriend after the alleged incident because she is “too upset” to go home


A source close to Kate also said she was choosing to stay at a friend’s house after the alleged ordeal because she was “too upset” to be coming home.

Police were seen outside the house yesterday afternoon with friends and family who also attended to collect the mother’s belongings.

The camera crew of Katie’s latest reality TV project had to be turned away at the door.

They have arrived to film a new show that will see the renovation of her infamous mansion, but the project is said to have been postponed.

Katie is currently filming a new TV show about the renovation of her so-called ‘muck mansion’ – which has been said to have been postponed this week.


Katie Price / Instagram)

Essex Police said in a statement on Monday: “We called colleagues in the Ambulance Service for reports of an assault shortly after 1.30am. We found a woman with a facial injury that required hospital treatment.

“A man was arrested a short time later on suspicion of assault.”

Over the weekend, Katie appeared in good spirits when she took to Instagram to share her happiness with her son Junior on getting a big recording contract.

Send to Instagram On Sunday, the mum wrote: “I am so excited there are no words to describe how proud I am of my son @officialjunior_andre who has signed his well-deserved record contract.

“From an early age I knew he was going to be a superstar not too long ago, his father Junior and I were going through his knot to make sure everything was in place. Now the future is exciting. Watching space. I love you, Junior.”

Katie Jr and his sister Princess are engaged to ex-husband Peter Andre.

Andre, who became famous as a pop star in his youth, also shared his joy with his son following in his footsteps.


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