Pepsi introduces new limited edition Jack Cracker Soda

The fall season brings a lot of change, including new flavors and different foods. While other companies have introduced a variety of new flavors, Pepsi has now joined the list with a new Cracker Jack soda.

according to @PersonsPepsi is introducing a limited edition Cracker Jack soda this month.

“On Thursday, the beverage giant announced that they are celebrating the end of the baseball season with a brand that goes along with America’s favorite pastime: cracker jack,” according to People magazine.

A press release said the soda combines “the refreshing taste of Pepsi-Cola with a nostalgic blend of caramel, popcorn and peanut flavors.”

Just like any Cracker Jack chest, there is a prize that will be included with the new flavor. Each “12 oz. can of Pepsi and Cracker Jack Soda will have one of four temporary tattoos that peel off directly on the can,” People also reports. Soda is free to try. But fans will have to upload a video to TikTok singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”.

Pepsi isn’t the only one with a new flavour. cup of noodles Announced that a new flavor of pumpkin spice is also coming to stores this month.

According to FOX 11, noodles will also be available this month, “Nissin Foods announced on Monday its newest flavor cup: Pumpkin Seasoning. The new Instant Noodles Cup Noodles will arrive on Walmart shelves worldwide in late October.”

Snickers also introduced a new cinnamon bun flavor that debuted this month.

The snack is described as “an oven-inspired bakery bite that combines cinnamon bun-flavored nougat mixed with crunchy peanuts, topped with buttery caramel, and topped with rich milk chocolate.”

Roommates, are you here for all this good?

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