Pen Farthing News – Animal activist trapped in Kabul with 200 dogs after ISIS bombing kills dozens ‘including Britons’

Leave papers identifying British embassy workers in Kabul ‘not good enough’

Documents identifying Afghan workers and job applicants were found on the ground at the British diplomatic mission in Kabul, prompting criticism from the defense minister.

Ben Wallace said Prime Minister Boris Johnson would “ask some questions” about how papers were left unsafe, adding: “It’s clearly not good enough.”

The British House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee is set to launch an investigation after a Times journalist found documents containing contact details of seven Afghans as they were touring the city’s deserted diplomatic quarter with a Taliban patrol on Tuesday.

Amid fears of Taliban reprisals for any local residents who aided Western interests in the country, the documents included the name and address of a senior embassy staff and other staff, their contact details, resumes and addresses of applicants for jobs as interpreters. Some applicants listed previous work for Western countries.

The newspaper said it called the mentioned numbers and found that some staff had already been evacuated to the UK, but others were left behind.


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