Pauline Hanson criticizes Anastasia Pallaschuk’s naming of herself as Minister of the Olympics

One nation senator, Pauline Hanson, has criticized a major decision made by Queensland’s prime minister, Anastasia Palaszuk, over the Brisbane Olympics.

Controversial one-state senator Pauline Hanson has criticized Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Palazczuk’s decision to appoint herself Olympics minister ahead of the Brisbane 2032 Games.

Ms Palaszczuk will chair the ministerial team organizing the event, following Thursday’s swearing-in ceremony.

She first announced the cabinet changes on Twitter, including that Deputy Prime Minister Stephen Miles is now a minister helping the prime minister with Olympic infrastructure.

“Hosting the 2032 Games will generate $8 billion in economic and social benefits, as well as 91,600 jobs,” she said on Thursday.

Senator Hanson on Friday criticized the appointment of the Labor prime minister, calling it a “joke.”

She said Ms Balachchuk should focus instead on reopening Queensland’s borders to residents stranded between states.

“What a load of rubbish. I wish she was the minister to open the Queensland border,” said Chris Kenny of Sky News.

“To allow 3,000 Queenslanders who can’t go home to their state and other people to see their loved ones and family members, and that includes me, I wish she was really focused on that.”

Queensland’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes were celebrated in Brisbane on Friday, in a parade attended by hundreds, for their achievements at the 2021 Tokyo Games.

The Brisbane event will be the third Games to be held in Australia, after Melbourne in 1956 and Sydney in 2000.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said securing the Games was a “reversal of the nation” and agreed that the federal government would cover half of infrastructure costs.

Ms Balachchuk flew to Tokyo in July for a final bid before Brisbane secured the games, despite calls for her not to travel and take a place in hotel quarantine.

Brisbane Mayor Lord Adrian Schreiner, Federal Sports Minister Richard Colbeck and Australian Olympic Committee President John Coates traveled with her to Japan.

An online petition with more than 130,000 signatures called for Ms Balachchuk to be banned from travel while Australians were stranded abroad.

Senator Hanson on Friday accused Ms Plaszuk of being “reckless and unsympathetic” and criticized her decision to keep Queensland’s borders closed to states with large numbers of Covid-19 cases.

Senator Hanson has faced criticism of her own during the coronavirus pandemic, with health experts denouncing her false claims about vaccines and bizarrely claiming that anyone has the right to choose to contract Covid-19 and die.


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