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Paul Giamatti tells the epic story of the Burger King for Life card

the actor Paul Giamatti Tells a raging story about receiving”burger king Card for Life” after doing a commercial for the fast food giant. (See the interview below.)

On Monday’s “The Late Show,” the host asked the “Billions” and “Sideways” star Stephen Colbert If he gets any perks from the party.

Giamatti, who played the voice of Nightmare King Chicken Sandwich modern adHis agent jokingly asked if that qualifies him to get a free Burger King for life.

I looked into it, and a crown-embossed credit card arrived via FedEx shortly thereafter. “sacred [BLEEP]I have a burger king card for life! He remembers yelling at himself.

Giamatti looked at the card and said that only a select few people owned a card, including George Lucas. He bragged to the world of his good fortune.

Until he read the soft line and entered the serial number of the card on the site.

We’ll let Giamatti take it from here:
(The conversation begins at 3:13 and is revealed around 6:15.)


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