HomePatriots playoff odds nearly double after road win over Chargers – Boston Herald

Patriots playoff odds nearly double after road win over Chargers – Boston Herald

INglewood, CA – What a difference a win makes.

Patriots playoff odds rose to 47% after Sunday’s victory over the Chargers, according to FiveThirtyEight’s NFL’s Latest Predictions.

The Bates’ post-season chances were 27% before kick-off and 21% two weeks before. Their two-game winning streak has begun to ease concerns about the team’s ability to beat good opponents, after the Patriots let a late lead slip away from Dallas and Tampa Bay. The Butts also won in Los Angeles despite a lackluster performance from rookie quarterback Mac Jones.

“A really good win for our team today,” said Bill Belichick. “The Charger is a good football team. To come out with a win is a great feeling.”

On FiveThirtyEight, the most likely final record for Bates is 9-8. They still have several AFC rivals on their schedule, including two dates with the Bells, home matches against the Browns and the Titans and a trip to play the Colts, who have a 35% lower odds for final matches than the Patriots. Winning two or more of those games, especially against Cleveland and Tennessee, would help them a lot in the event of a tiebreak.

“It’s all ahead of us,” said Matt Goddon arrogant Bates.

But before any of those encounters, the Patriots must travel to the Carolinas, who are fighting for their playoff life at 4-4 in the busy NFC Southern Division. If they lose to the Panthers, who may be first ahead of Sam Darnold, the Butts will return to a steep rise for the right to play in the depths of January. Defending captain Devin McCourty seemed to feel the vulnerable nature of his team’s post-match position, even if Sunday’s win ultimately saved the season.

“We can’t allow two big wins to make us roam here like we were AFC kings. We got four wins,” McCourty said. “That doesn’t guarantee you anything, that doesn’t put you anywhere. We just have to keep playing well.”

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