Parents trying to ‘keep their head above water’ in search of alternatives to daycare during the pandemic

SAN DIEGO — Childcare facilities have been struggling during the latest wave of COVID-19, sending young children home and forcing working parents to leave work while their children finish quarantine.

“I feel like drowning is the best way to put it, you just barely keep your head above water,” said Danica McAdams, a working mother of two.

Founded three years ago, Tootris is designed to help working parents find verified and inspected childcare facilities. Now, the company has seen a 400% expansion as the pandemic has changed childcare standards.

“More than two and a half million women dropped out of the workforce last year primarily because of the concern for responsibilities,” said Alessandra Lizama, CEO of Tootris.

Tootris uses an online database to find the best suitable place for babies and young children to stay while working parents are working. In San Diego, Tootris has focused on smaller childcare facilities that look fairly better with less exposure to COVID during the boom.

“Everything has changed but priorities have changed too, and now what is even more important is supporting your workforce with everything they need for peace of mind and where peace of mind begins? Lizama said.

Tootris also donated 10,000 sets of personal protective equipment in hopes of helping childcare facilities stay open.


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