Overview of WordPress, Squarespace, and more.

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  • A professional website can make you stand out as a job seeker or a small business.
  • There are platforms that can help you build a site, such as Squarespace, WordPress, and more.
  • Below, you can read about the top website building platforms, including those for coding.

There are many good reasons to invest time (and even a little money) in a well-designed professional website. For one, more and more job applications are being sought from them, with many certificate programs now adding departments as part of the curriculum.

But beyond the practical, creating a personal website can be a fun and creative experience, allowing you to represent your talents, personality and individuality.

“Some people are more creative than others, some are more technical than others, so it’s just right that we need deliverables from you that will make you feel comfortable showing up,” says McLofton. , General Assembly.

Website Builder

Lily Oberstein / Business Insider.

When it comes to choosing a platform to build their site, Lofton says, “The most common thing I see is. Students sell themselves short and say I want to. [build] Something simple, and then, once they take the leap, realizing that they are more creative. And they want something more than what they provide. [by their website builder of choice.]. “

To prevent this from happening, Lufthansa recommends doing as much research as possible before launching your website. There are some tools that should be expected from every site, But there are still many important differences that need to be considered in terms of your skills and specific needs. (For example, a graphic artist may have different preferences than a journalist or UX designer).

With the new importance of personal or small business websites, it is important to choose the right platform, so that you can focus on showcasing your content (instead of getting frustrated during the actual construction process). Or not the wrong platform. The one that best meets your needs.

5 Best Platforms for Creating a Personal Website:

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