Outskirts of the Twin Cities see separate police shootings hours away

FOX 9 . Reports: “A man was killed after being shot by police officers Sunday night in Mounds View, a Minnesota liquor store. According to a statement from Mounds View Police Chief Nate Harder, the man was shot following reports of the shooting and armed robbery along a street 2500 from County Road I in Mounds View. … the man was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center where he later died. …The shooting was the second time within hours that the officer fired shots during emergency responses in the Twin Cities. In the first incident, Forest Lake police officers shot a man, who say they were carrying a gun, while being chased by the police.”

In The Washington Post, Brian Beach and Annabelle Timsitt report: “On Sunday, the Canadian Minister of Health said that a type of coronavirus has been detected in Canada, marking the first identification of the variant in North America as cases continue to emerge worldwide. Two cases in Ontario have been confirmed as the omicron variant, which the World Health Organization has described as a ‘alarming variant’, Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said. “

Also in the Star Tribune, This is from Janet MooreIt has been 17 years since the Blue Line began service in the Twin Cities, and the system’s aging light rail trains need an overhaul. But a row has emerged between Metro Transit, which operates the Green and Blue Lines, and union workers who say they are being denied the opportunity to work on the rusted vehicles. They assert that the business must remain in Minnesota. Instead, it looks like transportation officials are on the cusp of awarding $7.7 million bypass To a Florida company that will ship cars by rail from the Twin Cities to Louisiana, where rust will be mitigated and other improvements made. The contract could total $12 million, to be funded from federal and local sources.”

that ESPN story says, “Quarterback Byron Buxton and the Minnesota Twins have agreed to a seven-year, $100 million contract extension, sources familiar with the deal told ESPN reporter Jeff Bassan on Sunday.. Sources said Buxton received a full stipulation not to trade the deal and would receive $500,000 each time he hits 502, 533, 567, 600 and 625 billboard appearances.

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Hey ho! news story by Katie Balevich says, “While addressing issues related to the economy and promoting the Rebuild Better Act, Senator Amy Klobuchar said that recruiting child soldiers into the workforce will combat the shortage. “We have workforce issues, and that’s why the Build Back Better Act is so important,” said Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat. ABC News ‘This week’. We need people, we need children to work in jobs we have a shortage of. We don’t have a shortage of marketing degrees, we have a shortage of health care workers. “We have a shortage of plumbers, electricians and construction workers, and this law puts us on the right track,” Klobuchar said.

He says Dan Cracker for MPR, “For the first time, the High National Forest has a full-time tribal connection. Juan Martinez coordinates the connection between the National Forest and the three Ojibwe bands in northeastern Minnesota – the Bois Forte Band of Chippewa, the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, and the Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. The gangs occupied the nearly 4 million acres that now make up the Upper National Forest long before it was acquired by the federal government, and they retain the rights to hunt, hunt, gather, and practice their spiritual traditions on the land under an 1854 treaty signed with the Federation. Government.”

At the Star Tribune, Kim Hayat says, “A private search company said it believed the remains of a missing 33-year-old woman and mother of four were found Saturday in Pine County, near the site where they were last seen two months ago.. The main agencies involved in the case, the sheriff’s offices in Payne County and Burnett County, Wisconsin, have not officially announced that the remains are believed to be Ashley Miller Carlson, of Grantsburg, Wisconsin… Carlson was last seen September 23 at Lena Lake, a small community on Mille Preserve. Lacs Band of Ojibwe about 25 miles east of Hinckley.”

a Martin Bingley’s story In the Guardian, the House Republican leader, Kevin McCarthy, said Saturday that he has “communicated” with Democrats about Anti-Islam comments Made by one of his party, Lauren Poubert of Colorado, about Democrat from Minnesota Ilhan Omar. Boebert I apologise On remarks in which she likened one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress to a suicide bomber, on Friday, saying that she wanted to meet Omar in person. Omar replied with it condemnation Statements and call for party leaders to act. “I spoke with the leader,” McCarthy told CNN [Steny] Hoyer today to help facilitate this meeting so that Congress can get back to talking to each other and working on the challenges facing the American people. McCarthy did not deny Poebert’s comments. “

Jeff Wald reports from FOX 9s: “Minnesota Lynx attacker Nafisa Collier made a fresh start by winning an Olympic gold medal in Tokyo and had some exciting news to share at the end of the WNBA season at the Lynx. She will be a first-time mother. In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, Collier announced that she is expecting a baby girl with fiancé Alex Bazzell. … Collier was the No. 6 pick overall in UConn’s 2019 WNBA Draft. She’s a two-time WNBA star, and a 2019 Rookie of the Year award. In her third professional season, Collier averaged 16.2 points, 6.6 rebounds, 1.3 steals and 1.3 cuts in the league’s most 34.6 minutes per game.”

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