Oppo is rumored to be bringing back its N-Series smartphone line

A new rumor circulating on Chinese social media suggests that Oppo is bringing back its N series premium smartphones. In context, this was the flagship ranking of the 2013 Oppo N One Android phones – the first Android phone with a rotating camera and the first to officially boot into Cyanogen mode.

Oppo N1.

Check out this flashback article that includes N1 in more detail. The device was followed by the Oppo N3 in 2014, but the line was eventually phased out in favor of other Oppo smartphone lines.

Well known tipster. Digital chat station Touched the return of Oppo’s N series yesterday via Twitter. A new post via Weibo. Arsenal There are more details that indicate that the new N-Series phone will compete in the premium segment, which costs around CN 4000 Euros (18 618) and will be placed between the Find X series and the Renault line.

Arsenal post on Weibo (machine translation)

Arsenal post on Weibo (machine translation)

Keep in mind that these are still initial rumors and there has been no official statement from Oppo on the possibility of an online return.

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