Online courses that are actually worth taking.

Are they under the pressure of mental health? Acquire skills that mean they turn to you for insight, whether it’s empathy training or performance mindfulness training. Is your boss considering going to net zero? Learn about HR and corporate ethics and become an expert on sustainability.

Communication and other soft skills.

Don’t be the one to leave out typing errors in Slack or confuse colleagues with poorly written emails. Recruiters always offer communication and other “soft” skills as the most sought after attributes, regardless of industry or character, so get good at them.

This will not only help you in your current role but also in your job search. When your future boss asks about your abilities, don’t just talk about your character’s hard skills, but show that you have other soft skills such as negotiation or team building or personal How is productivity studied?

Courses do not need to be applied directly to the business world. Take an online writing course with Roxane Gay or take a stand-up comedy class from Judd Apatow – your boss won’t ask you to write a personal essay or improve the office, but this type of course will make you write more clearly. I will help. Or gain trust for meetings.

Some skills go unnoticed or entered in your CV. On the masterclass, there is a session by essayist David Cedars on how to tell better stories, a skill that will help in interviews, at work and under pubs. And RuPaul offers advice on authenticity and self-expression – what better soft skills could you possibly want?

Get up for work

You need to be trained in diversity to be aware of your prejudices, to be a better person, and to be more fair to those around you – but there is more to educating yourself than unconscious prejudice.

So while Corsira, for example, hosts classes on workplace diversity and inclusion, it offers anti-racism education as well as programs on the history of the Black Life Meter, gender, and gender identity. Is.

The University of Alberta’s free online indigenous Canada course is one of Corsira’s most popular classes, and it received an unexpected boost when Shit creek Star Dan Levy signed up to learn. It’s really interesting – you’ll get more out of it than you’ll get by revisiting the set work, even though it’s 18th time.

Grow yourself.

There is more to life than work – but if you become a lifelong learner you will undoubtedly perform better in your career. It should not be as slow as it seems, because the classes do not have to be applied directly to the work, instead choose something that catches your eye.

For example, masterclasses have big names that offer insights into the worlds that made them famous. So watch another episode instead Queer i, Sign up for a Tan French style course. Forget bingeing too much Master chef, And take Yotam Ottolenghi’s cooking class.


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