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What does the company do? What to do to differentiate wireless airbeds in 2021? Proximity to good hardware makes it a difficult question to answer. I’ve probably tried 10 different buds over the last year or so, and honestly, they were all great.

Companies like Nora and Nothing are taking an interesting approach to this category, but for hardware makers who also sell their handsets, sometimes the best pair of headphones is enough for a specific mobile device.

OnePlus is an empty space between two worlds. Of course, The Company makes its own phones, but does not draw numbers close to Goliath like Samsung and Apple. Appropriately, the OnePlus Buds Pro go along this line – acting as a solid pair of buds that play well with their instruments, while sprinkling in some – at least – interesting additions that make them Distinguishes somewhat from a crowded field.

OnePlus has been working in the category – so far – at best, exceptional, and at worst, absolutely weak. I wasn’t too impressed when the company entered the fully wireless category last year, after a tutored game in space. The sub-قیمت 100 price point was good, but they otherwise felt like a set that might have flown three or four years ago, when masonry was scarce.

Image Credit: Brian Heater.

The profession, compassionately, is better in almost every way. This is a bit of a relief for the company, as one of its co-founders launched their new headphones within a month of their product. At $ 150, the product comes at a premium of $ 50 on both Ear (1) and its standard buds. What you are getting here is reasonably priced, however, take a closer look at the current landscape.

I should note that, for this review, I switched headphones with a non-One Plus Android phone as well as an iPhone. This requires the use of the Melody One Plus / Oppo app, which is lacking in a word. But it does work with some key features. There’s a fit test to make sure you have a good seal, and a OnePlus audio ID, which helps you create a custom sound profile.

The latter is an early version of what Nora offers with old-school sound tests that play you through different tones, asking if you can hear the playback. It’s a bit of a slogan, but it makes a difference in the end. When I graduated, the result was quite complete and rich. Unfortunately, no higher EQ is required. “I don’t have much to complain about, except for my reliance on the bass,” he said.

Image Credit: Brian Heater.

Noise cancellation, which can be controlled either on the app or through the headphone strap, is also effective. A long (three seconds) click of the stems, meanwhile, will reveal one of the most unique features of the buds: Zen Mode Air. It’s a smart move if it’s an unnecessary addition to an age when every tech company is thinking about mindfulness. The feature makes white noise in your eyes. The default is “warm sunrise” – a kind of meadow with the sound of birds and insects. There are four other preloaded voices, including Campfire and Beach. It’s not a feature I ever thought I’d need, but in a year where everything is basically under pressure all the time, I dig it out in a way.

On the design side, companies have a choice these days. You can either embrace the AirPod or try something different. It is clear at a glance where the One Plus went. The matte black pair that the company has sent for review is a little less clear, but the white versions are not clear. Metal trunks appear to be discarded so as not to violate market leaders.

Image Credit: Brian Heater.

From a comfort standpoint, it’s hard to beat them. I kept them inside for a long time and ran with them and I had no complaints. I guess there is something in the Air Pods design. Battery life is excellent, five to seven hours on the buds (depending on the use of the ANC) and 28 to 38 (similar) combined with the thin case. The case also supports wireless charging. Point

OnePlus clearly wanted to get closer to the roots of its budget by launching with the first $ 99 buds. But I think Google’s approach needs to show something you can do with a more premium model and then skip the budget cuts. One strong point is that these were the headphones that OnePlus should have released a year or two ago. But, hey, never better.

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