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On Lex

A brand new leak has just arrived and is giving us our first look at the upcoming OnePlus 10 Pro, its design, and the new camera array around the back. At first glance, you’ll immediately see a large triple camera setup, very similar to Samsung’s Galaxy S21 line.

Renders, which are not official, indicate that the OnePlus could outperform the fourth 2MP camera, the fourth largest from previous models, and hopefully a better camera in favor of the sensor. The stove top style design has a metal plate that extends from the sides of the phone and holds the camera wrapped around the back. If that sounds familiar, it’s because Samsung did it with the Galaxy S21 family earlier this year.

The leaked OnePlus 10 Pro images are based on actual images from the initial prototype, which means the design may change between now and the early release date of 2022. That said, they are providing OnLeaks (through زوتون), And its leaks are often very accurate or close enough to give us the best idea of ​​what to expect.

OnePlus 10 Pro leaks showcase camera design.
On Lex

On-Lex itself did not share any specs for the device, but Zotten claims that it will have a large 6.7-inch fluid AMOLED display, 128 or 256GB storage, and a heavy 5,000 mAh battery.

Unfortunately, we did not find any details regarding the front, camera details, or other information that could round the phone. That said, it will likely compete directly with the new Galaxy S22, iPhone 14, and other high-end smartphones.

We’re not sure what the company will name its next phone for those who don’t keep track, considering that OnePlus 9T won’t happen this year. That said, we’re expecting both the OnePlus 10 and a more important OnePlus 10 Pro sometime in February or March 2022. By comparison, the OnePlus 9 Pro debuted in March of this year, so we’re expecting a similar timeline. For this next flagship phone.

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