One town allowed Amazon to open what it thought would be a small delivery station, but now it is reportedly dealing with trucks that damaged road signs and damaged its historic cemetery. Ignore

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One town allowed Amazon to open what it thought would be a small delivery station, but now it is reportedly dealing with trucks that damaged road signs and damaged its historic cemetery. Ignore

  • Truck and trailer traffic at the Amazon delivery station near Boston is causing pain for locals, according to The Information.

  • One truck reportedly hit a fence and a tree in a cemetery, and another damaged a monument.

  • Amazon paid for the repairs, and is working with community leaders to address local concerns.

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Amazon’s attempt to offer one-hour delivery to almost all households in the United States is a major headache for a town near Boston, The Information’s Paris Martineau reported on Thursday.

In general, the arrival of Amazon brings new jobs in local services such as delivery and logistics, as well as better wages for workers in other nearby companies. But the information report sheds light on how rising demand in recent years has strained or increased some of these benefits for locals in Melford, Massachusetts.

According to the report, in 2016, the company converted an old hamdifier factory in Milford into a “delivery station” to organize and ship packages for the Boston metro area, and according to the report, its operations last year Extended to another facility.

But in March, one of the hundreds of trucks serving the station knocked down a fence and a large tree in Town Cemetery, and weeks later another Amazon truck damaged a grave memorial, according to reports. And according to the meetings.

Local officials told The Information that Amazon-branded trucks were responsible for destroying traffic lights, a retaining wall, several fences, and the remains of a store. Amazon claimed it was not to blame for the damage to the cemetery, but hired contractors to repair the monument and fence and replace the tree, a town official told the publication.

The company has previously said that since trucks and drivers are managed by independent contractors, it is not usually responsible for the damage or inconvenience caused. Nonetheless, Amazon paid for design and compensation for road signs directing semi-trailers against some road driving.

According to the town official, drivers have said that Amazon’s navigation app occasionally instructs them to break traffic rules, including routing the semi-trailer through the cemetery.

Even when they are following the rules, the information report highlights that the first city in New England is significantly disturbed by trucks. The publication featured 52 tractor trailers between 10pm and 11pm on Amazon’s facility, and measured truck noise above 85 decibels.

Information also witnessed the holding of hundreds of empty Amazon branded delivery vans, including a portable toilet bank for drivers. According to the report, every morning, convoys of 50 to 100 vans leave for the delivery center every half hour, blocking traffic at nearby intersections.

An Amazon spokesman told The Information: “Safety of our employees, drivers and communities is our number one priority. “As we enter a new community, we work with local community leaders, business owners, and policy makers to address any concerns about the impact of our operations. Worked with City Milford during and looking forward to a lasting community partnership.

An Amazon spokeswoman was not immediately available for comment.

In its initial proposal to the town, Amazon said the delivery station would provide more than 300 well-paid jobs in the area, but a member of the town’s planning board reported that the deal was “net negative” for the community. Is.

For its part, Amazon is increasing its engagement with community leaders, managing garbage cleaning, and implementing new policies on traffic flow and noise. In April last year, the company convened a task force to address the concerns of communities following the expansion of the delivery process in the United States.

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