One thing prevents me from switching to iPhone.

I’ve been an Android user since Nexus One, but I have to admit: recent generations of iPhones have tried me. Apple’s industrial design is as amazing as ever, the Magsif device system is modern and flexible, and the Apple Watch is completely blocking any wearable replacement. Don’t get me wrong میں I still love my Pixel 5, and I know I’ll miss out on all the sweet features that enable and even encourage Android. But as a technology journalist, trying the other side of the aisle for a while won’t kill me.


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Apple has a bad tendency to stick to a bad decision when everyone can see that it is really poor. This is doubly true when the company has created its own, proprietary system that owns it. He did this during the day with Hockey Puck Mice, doing it right now with the touch bar on the laptop, and on the mobile side, it has an anchor that weighs less, otherwise the best phone hardware. This anchor has a name, and it is a power port.

Obstacles and obsolete.

The proprietary power connection is now nine years old, replacing the (terrible to admit) 30-pin postal cable. It has appeared on every iPhone since the iPhone 5, and charging ports for most of Apple’s other mobile devices, including AirPods, Magic TrackPads, and in-app devices such as Apple TV remote or Beats Wireless headphones. It was quite serviceable in 2012, smaller than Micro USB, reversed, and to meet or exceed its technical requirements.

But this is not 2012. It’s 480 megabits per second, a speed that is slow for anyone who wants to shuffle today’s high-resolution photos and movies.

Mini’s USB-C is 10 times faster! What will happen to the iPhone? “” What? in regards to IPhone? “

And Apple recognizes it! In yesterday’s presentation, company representatives said that the new design of the iPad mini is “going to be much faster and even more versatile” when the long-awaited switch to USB-C from electricity was announced, as Apple had earlier. Already done for iPad. Air and iPad Pro. He told the audience that the new connection was ten times faster than his predecessor. The predecessor that is still present on every new iPhone.

Apple knows the value of USB-C.

Lighting port on iPhone 13 looks like someone has installed a hand crank in front of Tesla.

Apple praised the easy, interchangeable connection of accessories with “a vast ecosystem”. That’s a big deal. Apple introduced the switch to USB-C for charging and data, starting with the MacBook refresh six years ago. Now almost every laptop (save gaming and workstation models that require more than 100 watts of power) uses the same charging system, which is a great honor for travelers who have a new and evolving range of accessories. The ecosystem is built. This includes Apple’s laptops, which now feature exclusively USB-C.

You did it, Apple! You’ve actually pushed a new standard of connection, and everyone in the industry follows you, Including Android phone makers! Now my phone, my laptop, my headphones, my rechargeable battery, my game controller, my digital camera, and my Apple branded iPad Air all recharge using the same, unified cable. The dream is true!

Except for the iPhone. If my friend needs to recharge at the bar, he has to go to his car to get the broken and yellow lighting cable and plug it into his latest iPhone 12. Wait another year for the iPhone to be renewed, as even the cheapest Android phone can use all my modern chargers. Lighting port on iPhone 13 looks like someone has installed a hand crank in front of Tesla.

Yes, those ports look very familiar.

When European regulators tried to force the industry to adopt a single, interchangeable charging standard to curb environmental impact, Apple argued that it would “stop innovation” and abandon millions of devices and accessories. Will On the contrary. But Apple had no problem with that when it put a headphone jack on its phone, immediately dropping its famous white Airbuds on the rubbish heaps around the world. The solution – another adapter dongle – was the same one he used when the European Union mandated a common charger standard in 2009, then fixed it to microUSB.

But let’s not be defeated around the bush. Apple has already seen the feasibility of using USB-C on the iPhone and has decided against it. Not for the benefit of the planet – its new air pods are still charging with power cables, there is no technical or aesthetic reason to do so. No, it’s especially hanging on this dinosaur of a standard standard. Because It is owned. It’s a hardware differentiation from Android that keeps iPhone users locked, just as my refusal to go back to USB-C is locking me up. Sony has tried the same thing, with a long list of proprietary media formats such as mini-disk and memory stick, trying to strengthen an entire industry in its field. Sony finally saw the flaws in its methods … so now it’s a measure of which company is more arrogant.

Some analysts expect Apple to adopt wireless charging only, and a phone with zero physical ports, before switching to USB-C. It seems impossible to me, but if it turns out to be true, I can wait. At least on the wireless side of things, Apple has decided to use a semi-world standard, Qi charging (even if Magsif makes it the property for some accessories again). Fine. But I’m not going to go hunting with just one gadget, the mouse of cables working with Apple. This is the wrong way to think differently.

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