One of the most desirable features of the iPhone 13 is coming true.

We are just weeks away from the next release of the iPhone (assuming it falls into the traditional September slot), and the rumor mill has officially reached fever level. But there is still time for some surprises – and this latest rumor claims that we may finally get one of the most desired features in the last few years.

A new report shows that Apple is finally working on a way to make Face ID work by wearing a face mask. As many consumers have discovered the hard way since 2020, Fee ID is by no means an epidemic. What’s the best camera phone you can use if you can’t unlock it while wearing the most essential fashion accessories of the last 18 months?

Fee ID is not an epidemic at all. (Image credit: Apple / future owner)

FrontPageTek claims that Apple is working on new Fees ID hardware, which it is testing “with a quad-like scenario in mind.” The company has reportedly developed an external prototype case for the iPhone with a new Face ID setup – allowing the iPhone to bypass its built-in Face ID camera in favor of the new version. Is.

IPhone Face ID Prototype Render.

3D render of prototype fee id case. (Image Credit: Front Page Tech)

Of course, the final tech will be made in the phone itself, this external version is available for testing purposes. We can’t imagine that Apple will put a nasty extra camera on the top of the iPhone (that said, after the ugly MegSafe battery pack, who knows?)

The report claims that employees are “being asked to wear masks and glasses to test new hardware.” Some tests are done with the mask on and off, while others are done with different combinations of glasses and masks.

Render iPhone Face ID Prototype Case.

(Image Credit: Front Page Tech)

This may just be good news for iPhone users. As anyone who has ever worn a mask and tried to pay for groceries with their phone will confirm, the fee ID is not scratched yet. A lot of people are screaming for the return of Touch ID – first launched with the 2013 iPhone 5S, the fingerprint scanner was removed in favor of Fee ID for the 2017 iPhone X. Deciding on temporary working methods, it actually had to be applied to create a fee ID, you know, works.

IPhone 13 render.

Recent render of the upcoming iPhone 13. (Image credit: Hacker 34 on YouTube)

In fact, we’ve heard a lot of rumors that Apple is planning to bring back the Touch ID, which won’t come as much of a surprise after reviving tech for the iPad Air 4 last year. But moving backwards isn’t much Apple – we can imagine that the company would get the Face ID right instead of changing it completely. That said, we’ve seen some backtracks from the company, recently with the controversial redesign of iOS 15 Safari.

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