One of Melbourne CBD’s oldest and smallest homes sold after remaining unchanged for 171 years

ONE Melbourne CBD homes unchanged since 1850 have gone under the hammer for the first time in more than a century.

The house on the corner of King and LaTrobe streets, which was inhabited by actress Lola Russell, has not been updated in 171 years, making it one of the city’s smallest and oldest homes.

The historic building is filled with deep cracks, scaffolding outside and graffiti and water damage inside.

Lola’s house (Nine)
The house is graffiti inside. (Nine)

Rails have been put on the windows to ward off squatters, with constant burglary and a serious fire in the building over the past year.

While the building is surrounded by skyscrapers, the cultural heritage rules mean that no remodeling will be allowed.

The limited options for the property meant that bidding started low, but the final price came in at $ 1.875 million for the 130 square feet.

The building of one of Australia’s most acclaimed icons

It was bought by a Melbourne-based investor who is not sure exactly what the home will be, but who has committed to significantly restoring it.

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