Onath Keeper Morshell Planned Capital Riots Online: Feeds

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Onath Keeper Morshell Planned Capital Riots Online: Feeds

  • David Morshel, 43, is a recent member of the Keith Keepers who was accused of capital riots.
  • The prosecution alleges that he had planned his actions over the phone on January 6 with fellow militia members.
  • Surveillance photos show him working in the formation with other uniformed men.

According to the federal prosecution, a man who accused the man of storming the capital as part of the Catholic group had planned a large-scale attack online.

David Morschel, 43, of Punta Gorda, Florida, was arrested Friday and charged with three counts, including criminal mischief, obstruction of official proceedings and, according to the German complaint There is an obstacle.

Investigators identified Mozarel in a January 6 video from the capital, wearing high-cap gear and using military-style tactics.

The complaint states that investigators linked Morchel’s phone number to planning calls between September 28, 2020 and January 3, 2021, at about 17 p.m., and exchanged with other Oath Capers for allegations of rioting. Was thought

Other members involved include Kelly Mags and Kenneth Harrelson. According to the complaint, the meetings had names such as “Florida DCOP Planning Chat” and “DC Planning Call”.

The complaint did not provide details on how the calls were discussed.

This is a growing piece of evidence presented by the prosecution, arguing that militia groups had planned a large-scale attack on January 6, despite the apparent outbreak of violence. even so.

Prosecutors have previously described Kelly Mags as a “team leader” of the statement keepers. He is said to have formed an “alliance” with another militia group, Three Percentages, before the capital riots.

Group of Oath Keepers in Capital Riots, including David Morshel

Surveillance footage shows David Morschel (red arrow) and Kelly Mags (green arrow) walking east of the capital on January 6 at 2:27 p.m.

Department of Justice

Prosecutors say the same number was found to be active in a secret signal group linked to the sender that was used by the Oath Capers to coordinate the days of the uprising.

According to the complaint, Morshal wrote under the username “Hatsy”, and “When do you want to stop for gas?” Send messages including And “we have your bag, we’ll leave it on the QRF with Ken F. Now we’re going there.”

(QRF is a military threat to the “Quick Reaction Force”)

Using a combination of surveillance footage and open source videos, the FBI said it identified Morshell around the capital and at the Comfort Inn Balston Hotel in Arlington, Virginia, which investigators say Oathkeepers were used as a base for immediate reaction power.

US capital riots surveillance photo

Photo of several Oathkeepers inside the capital on January 6, including David Morshel.

Department of Justice

A video presented in the complaint shows Moorshell in a group of overkeepers approaching a set of doors leading to the Capitol in a military-style “stack” formation (around the 3:08 mark).

Comfort is shown on the day after the uprising in another of his surveillance videos, which shows Morshel wheeling in a luggage compartment that appears to be a long gun in the elevator.

The FBI said it found several items found in the videos from Morshel’s lawyer on June 14, including a firearms case, a gun, a black flak vest and a black jacket.

Surveillance footage shows Keith David Morshell whaling a gun at the Comfort Inn Balston Hotel in Argentina, Virginia.

Surveillance footage shows David Morshell being transported to a Long Gun at the Comfort Inn Balston Hotel in Arlington, Virginia, on January 7.

Department of Justice

According to the Washington Post, Morshell initially appeared in federal court in Fort Myers, Florida, and was released on parole.

His lawyer, Scott Weinberg, told the shop: “We are waiting for Mr Morshel to prove his innocence.

Morshell is at least the 18th alleged oathkeeper accused of plotting the January 6 attack.

The Oath Keepers is a right-wing militia group that, according to Morshall’s criminal complaint, “believes the federal government has helped activists to deprive American citizens of their rights.”

A total of more than 535 people have been arrested in connection with the capital riots.

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