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Teen star Olivia Rodrigo has added two members of Paramore as official songwriters on her hit track Good 4 U.

The band’s vocalist, Hayley Williams, and former guitarist Josh Farrow are now credited as the writers on the track, which spent five weeks at the top of the US charts.

It comes after fans immediately noticed similarities with the track and Paramore’s pop-punk group Misery Business.

You can listen to both clips below to hear for yourself:

The choruses in both songs, which have similar vocal melodies and guitar rhythms, have prompted people to mix tracks on the likes of YouTube and TikTok.

Paramore was not acknowledged upon the song’s release in May, but was reported to have been in contact with Rodrigo prior to the song’s release, with a source telling Variety that the credit is actually an interpolation — where the song’s element is re-recorded and combined into a new one.

Williams posted her announcement of her new songwriting credit on Instagram, sharing a post from Warner Chappell Music that congratulated her and Farrow on the track that will take number one in the US. “Our publisher is Wilden RN,” she added.

This isn’t the first time Rodrigo has been called upon to use elements from other tracks – he was accused of stealing vocals from Elvis Costello’s Pump It Up track earlier in the year.

However, Costello replied “That’s fine for me,” he says. “It’s how rock and roll works.

“You take the broken pieces from another thrill and make a whole new game. That’s what I did.”

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Courtney Love criticized the singer, claiming that she copied the cover of her band’s album Live Through This for her bad concert photos.

Rodrigo Sour album is the best-selling record of the year so far and she has performed songs at the BRIT Awards as well as a coveted song on Saturday Night Live in the US.

The singer is best known for being the lead in the Disney+ reboot of High School Musical, which was turned into a series.

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